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Tell her that Edward left her for Jane.

Tell her that Jane dumped him.

Then he went to Victoria.

When she says, “Victoria’s dead!” say, “I know.” And walk away.

Put a fake dog tail in her sandwich at lunch

When she finds it say, “Poor Jacob…”

Give her a flier that says, “vampire slayers wanted.”

Steal her bracelet then go to school to show it off to Edward and say, “Look what Bella gave to me, she said she didn’t want it any more.

When Edward asks why say, “She said that it meant nothing to her.”

When Bella demands you to give it back say, “Sorry, I dropped it down the sewer.” And hand her a dollar.

When she’s gone, pull it out of your pocket, take the heart charm off, and put it on Edward’s desk.

When he finds it, tell him, “Bella wanted me to give this back to you.”

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Comment by Alena G. on February 2, 2010 at 5:56pm
ok now i just need to find bella then annoy her with those things they were really good too

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