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Some ways to annoy Jessica Stanley

Follow her on one of her dates with Golden Retriever Boy. Burp the abc's non-stop. After your done sing opera. Feel free to be as loud as you want.

Lock her in a room with Bella and Edward and pay the two of them to make out in front of her.

Cut off all her hair. Tell Mike that she did this so he wouldn't like her anymore… watch the fun!

Tell her that Edward wants to go on a date with her. Let her get ready, then cancel and tell her that the invite was for Bella not her.

Send her to a hippy convention and pay them to give her a hippy makeover just before she goes out with Mike. Follow her to make sure she doesn't change. Video tape the date and send a copy to everyone she knows.

Tell her that Mike left her for Jasper AND Edward.

Constantly compare her to Bella. Say things like "It's no wonder Edward likes Bella and not her, I mean Bella is SO much prettier…" or "How that Mike Newton kid likes her is a mystery to me…". Feel free to get as nasty as you want.

Force her to go on a date with Charlie. Let Bella and the Cullens watch.

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Comment by Abbie Carlos on July 29, 2010 at 8:21am
Comment by TwilightFanatic47 on April 21, 2010 at 3:42am
that last one is a keeper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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