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Something I found out today upset me :\ ...

My friend Lauren told me that she was watching some interview with Robert Pattinson and in the interview they talk about some rumours going around about Robert Pattinson, and the interviewer actually mentions it to Pattinson - who laughs it off - because the runours of pathetic!

(Now before I go on, let me just say, I think Robert Pattinson is gorgeous, and Taylor Lautner, but then I also think Kellan Lutz, Peter Facinelli and Jackson Rathbone are sexy too, even Ashley Greene.So, my point is I'm not just an over-obsessed fan, I admire him and think he's gorgeous but I wouldn't go as far as some 'fans'.)

Anyway, she told me that there are rumours going around Hollywood or wherever, ones that say Robert Pattinson has awful personal hygiene and that he smells bad. It really pissed me off, I mean what is it to you? Even if he does smell, which I personally think he doesn't, it has nothing to do with anyone else and therefore no one else has the right to comment on his life.

Okay, yeah. People say that if he didn't want all the attention then why become an actor..? Well to them people I say, he was an actor years before he played Edward Cullen and he never got that much attention, and that's how he thought it would be for him. Yeah, he was wrong but how was he supposed to know he would become a world famous actor?

There have been articles that say that some of the cast (such as Ashley Greene) have made comments about Robert Pattinson smelling bad, and the film crew say they could "smell him coming". But really, they would't say that. They work with him, Ashley Greene is friends with him, why would she say that knowing there was a really good possibility that Pattinson would here about it?

Seriously, people need to stop believing everything the press say. They'll do anything to sell their magazines, and since Robert Pattinson is a hot comidity, they would even make up stories so long as they sell.

Wow, I just realised how protective that sounds of Robert Pattinson. But i'm not like that, I just think it's really pathetic that people would believe rumours like that. Ridiculous..

Comment Please :) Thankyouu!

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Comment by Becki Hughes on December 13, 2009 at 3:22pm
Right, I wouldn't take him if he smells bad though, I'd just make him take a shower with me ;) hahaa
Everyone can dream right? :)
Comment by Cullen Crazy on December 10, 2009 at 6:10pm
I totally agree! and btw... I would take him stinky or not!! Oh.. and even if Ashley greene did say that.. I bet she was just kidding becuase the question was so stupid to her.

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