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It's been so long since i have been back home leaving after everything last year. The fight between us and the voltori. Me and all the cullens -well my new family still not completly used to being Miss.Cullen. It's so diffent everything here in forks seeing it in diffent eyes (my eyes now a light orange.) It's so new something diffrent to be here. People in whashington state are now seeing whats really going on making up their own new myths. Some exept us but others dont understand us thinking we are just monsters that eat animals but are always beasts. I don't completly disagree with them but it depends on the vampire. Ha! that is so werid saying that like it's perfectly normal like saying its just a kid with bad parents (Bad example but it works.) Rnessme looks more like a eight year old now doing math i just started learning last year and languges i dont understand. She's s intelligent just like her father. But it scares me how fast she is growing into a adult soon going to look fifty and dieing in my arms but carlile says she will stop ageing at eighteen i dont know but i hope. "bella honey come charlie wants to see you" my mom said to me as i came out of my old room.


Aothors note: not the best i have ever writen but something new.


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