The Twilight Saga

standing in a dark room "hello? Anyone there?" sees a flash of light "who are you?" and thenn theres a creak from upstairs. slowly, she walks up the stairs (that is what stupid people do in scary movies) and its really dark up here so opens the curtain to let the moon light fill the room. and as she turns around she notices that one of her doors are open and walks toward it. gently knocks on it and peeps inside inside. there is a dark figure standing at the window. she walks in "who are you?" it was a whisper from her mouth. he didnt move. so she walked a little closer. Then he turned around and his eyes were glowing red. she sucked in a breath to give a loud scream when a hand clamped down on her mouth. .........

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Comment by Katie Williams on May 1, 2011 at 10:42am
spooky but kwl

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