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Sometimes the pain is worth it-Chapter 1-Fascinated

I walked into school. Everyone was whispering. I knew we had someone new. All the girls looked there best. So i knew it was a guy. The guys tried to look like they couldnt care less. But if you really looked at them. You could see they were just as fascinated. I got to history and put in my ear phones. I started reading a new Sarah Dessen novel. She was one of my new favorites. Kate nash was blaring in my ears. I was so caught up in my book. That i didnt realize class had started until i felt Mr. Stainely tapping my shoulder. I looked up to find him smiling down at me and pointing to my ears. "Arie, i would be very pleased if you joined our dicussion." Mr. Stainely smiled down at me. I smiled shyly and put my earphones and book away. Class went by normally. Then with 10 minutes to spare. He walked in. He was tall with pale skin. Light blonde hair. He was beautiful. I heard hushed whispers through the class. He turned and looked at the class. His eyes swept over the whole class. His eyes were like melted carmel. He looked at me. I looked down. I realized that the sit next to me was open. My heart was beating so loud that i was afraid everyone could hear it. "Class this Dean James." Mr. Stainely. His name fit him perfectly. It had like a bad boy vibe to it. I looked up to find him still staring. "You can sit next to Arie." My heart stopped. I looked down at my notebook. I heard the chair pull out. I willed myself not to look up. Everyone was whispering. I heard his music. I turned and looked to see him with his eyes closed. I took that as my chance to really look at his face. He was asboutly amazing. His face was perfect but rough at the same time. His hair was more of a burnt blonde. He opened his eyes. He looked at me. His eyes burning with what looked like anger. I tried to look away but i couldnt. For some reason the look made me want to ease whatever he was feeling. The bell rang pulling me out of his stare. I stood up quickly. I grabbed my stuff and bolted out of the room. I ended up running into a guy. "Im sorry." I said bending down to pick up his fallen papers. "No problem." He said. I looked up. He was cute. He had dirty blonde hair and pretty blue eyes. I smiled. "Im Ethan." He said with a cute smile. "Im Arie." I said smiling shyly. "We'll its nice to meet you." He said handing me some of my stuff. His hand grazed against mine.I realized i was still holding his stuff i handed it back to him. The bell rang. I knew i was late. "I'll see you around Arie." Ethan said with another cute smile. It made my stomach flutter. He turned and walked away. I turned and was met with Dean's melting pools. Before i could say anything. There was a shooting pain in my back. I felt Deans cool breathe on me. I felt fear but i also felt need. I felt like this is what i wanted. I looked at him. His face held beautiful anger. That brought more fear but it also brought want, curiousness. I didnt know how this was possible. "I hated the way he smiled at you." He said through clenched teeth. That brought more fear but it also erupted something else. It felt good. To know he was jealous. "Im sorry" he whispered. He pulled away. I felt the loss of his contact. "You dont like him smiling me?" I said in a whisper. He looked up his eyes burning into mine. "Im sorry." He said in whisper. "Dont be." I said staring right back at him. He pushed me back against the wall. I felt his cool breathe as cool breathe panned a cross my lips. "No, i dont like him smiling at you." He said staring into me.

This is one of my new ones. I dont know Arie has a different feeling then my other girls. I hope you enjoy this. Pleae comment.

Songs i wrote too-
The six parts seven-
Silence Magnifies
The hush sound-A dark congregation
Tegan and Sara-
Where does the good go

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