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Sometimes the remembered isn't enough - Chapter 2 - The times have changed but somethings remain the same

I can't speak i have a lump in my throat . "Your bleeding ." You say in a mix between a caring and almost angry tone .  I bring my hand to my face .  Looking at the blood on my finger . Now i'm really embarassed . "Ariana , what were you running from ?" You ask crouching down so your face to face with me . I'm looking into your eyes . There a different color then i remember . I remember them being the clearest light blue . Now there a liquid gold . " Come on ." You say your breathe fanning across my face . It's sweet but with a masculinity to it . I stand up slowly you watching me . I feel wobbly on my legs and everything is spinning for a moment before everything comes to focus . You turn and start walking . I watch you for a moment contemplating with myself in my head . Your a total stranger well not a total stranger but it's been 10 years . You stop and turn around looking at me . You can see the confliction going on within me . "Trust me ." You say . Everything in me is telling me not to go but i don't listen . I walk forward until i meet you . Were quiet but it's not awkward . We reach a car . It's dark blue and small . But i can tell very expensive . You open the door for me . You get in quietly on the other side . You turn on something soft and soothing . I lay back watching everything pass by me . I don't know where your taking me but i honestly don't care . My eyes are getting heavy . I look at you . Your laid back one hand on the wheel . Your staring out into the open road . Your beautiful . I want to reach out and touch you but i hold myself back . You look over at me . You give me a small smile which makes my heart start pacing . I make myself look away looking out the window . I lay my hand back and watch everything disappear as my eyes get heavier and heavier

A coolness is engulfing me . I relish in the way it's fans across my neck . I open my eyes slowly and the calming coolness is gone . I don't know where i am . I look over to find you scribbling in a notebook . You look over at me and smile again . Such a simple movement but able to get such a strong reaction . "How long had i been asleep ?" I say breaking the silence . " 2 hours ." You say quietly . "I cleaned your face and put a bandage under your eye ." You say not letting me break the stare this time . "Thank you." I say feeling my eyes burn with unshed tears . "Who did this to you ?" Your voice is lower now . I look down my wrist seeing a black and blue mark forming there too . I let this tears fall of ashament . "Ariana , did a man do this too you ?" You say your voice colored with anger now . "No." I say quietly . "Ariana , look at me ." You say more softly now . I look up at you through blurry eyes . "Please tell me ." You say pleading with me . Your eyes are burning with a fire i've never seen in anyone before . "I cant ." I say my voice a whisper . I look at you and the fire is still burning in your eyes . "I never stopped thinking about you Ariana ." You say in a pained voice . My heart skips a beat . "Come on ." You say quickly getting out of the car and opening my door for me . Were surrounded by nothing but sand . I can hear the sound of water . My stomach turns realizing i'm really here with you . I stop and take everything in . Your staring at me giving me time . I look at you and see nothing but honesty in your eyes . I walk forward  following you . We stop in front of the small house . You open the small door letting me in first . I step in taking in your scent . Instantly calming me . I hear the soft click of the door shutting . I feel you walk forward but there's still distance between us . There's a buzzing going between us . It's something i've never experinced before . Your walking forward until your right behind me . Your breathe cool on my neck . You brush my hair off my neck . The coolness of you reminds me of the coolness the engulfed me in my dream . I close my eyes relishing in it . "Trust me." You say in a whisper .


An -

So , what do you think ?  Please under any circumstances DO NOT get in the car with someone you barely know or haven't seen in the longest . This is a story so i can make my characters do whatever without any REAL consquences . But anywho , did you like it ? What do you think of Ariana and "YOU" for people who have read the original version of they may know who Ariana is with but you never know it may change . Hmmmmmmm , but please comment and tell me what you thought ! Loooooooooove yeeeeeeeeeeee's <3 ! Oh yeah , i don't own Twilight but i do own Ariana and STRIE . So please don't steal either of them .


Songs i wrote too -

Daughter - Tommorow

Beyonce - Sateilltes .


Do not own either of these songs either . (Sucks) !


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