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Sometimes the remembered isnt enough - Chapter 4 - Scars are scars

Everything around me was quiet but i could hear the low sound of someone breathing. I open my eyes slowly to only find the room is dimly lite. "You've been out for about 9 hrs." Your low voice says quietly. My body feels rested. The most it has in years. My mind though is running rampad with unanswered questions. "That man was my father." I say in a quiet tone. "Yes." You say quietly. "Did you know he was going to be here tonight ?" I say in the same tone. "Yes" you say quietly. Tears sting my eyes but i don't let them fall. I sit up slowly everything around me spinning. I feel your cool hand touch my shoulder. I move away from your touch. I stand up slowly. I walk to the door where I can hear a quiet hum. "Please dont leave." Your voice lower now but I can hear the pleading in it. My heart tugs but i grab the handle of the door. I don't know where im going to go. I can't go back home. To her. I open the door only to have it shut quickly. Your breathe is on the back of my neck. Your breathe slow ragged. "Stay Ariana." You say now begging. The stinging tears fall softly down my face. I turn around slowly looking at you. Your face is pained. I bend in closer to you. Your staring at me trying to figure out my next move. My mind is running thinking about your lips on mine. But my heart is yelling me no that I cant handle it. I step back away from you. "Just stay the night well handle everything in the morning." You say reasoning with me. You wipe my tears. Your hand lingers. "Alright , just for the night."
An ~ its been soooooooooooooo long guys : ) I hope that you enjoy this chapter .. Alright well please comment and thanks for reading ~ <3 ~

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