The Twilight Saga

Sometimes the remembered isnt enough - Chapter 5 - heartbeats

The sand is cool under my feet . There's a coolness surrounding calmness. I lookup at the dark blue sky. There's no stars just bare blue. "I like it empty dont you ?" A woman's voice says softly. I look too find the woman from the art showcase. She's beautiful. She looks like me. I can see the questions in her eyes probably mirroring my own. "Im Janaila ." She says with a small smile. Her smile is like mine. "I'm Ariana." I say quietly. She nods. "How old are you ?" She says staring at me. "16" I say. She nods looking up at the stars taking a deep breathe. "The emptiness gives it so much room to create whatever you want the sky too have." "Like a blank piece of paper or blank canvas you can imagine and create whatever you want." "The unexpected." Janaila says quietly looking back at me. "I didnt know about you." Janaila says her eyes alike with brimming tears. "I know" I say honestly. Soft tears fall down Janailas face and she still looks stunning. Tears cloud my vision and soon were wrapped in each others arms. I feel so many emotions. It's scary. "Dont push the ones who love you the most away Ariana." Janaila whispers to me before turning and walking away. I look up at the sky. Letting my tears slowly drip.

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