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Sorry II - Forgiveness on Christmas

I told you already about my story, but it’s only the past that I must forget. It’s just a nightmare that I should keep in my mind. It’s just a memory that must be vanished away.

Others may think I am strong but they don’t really know me. I’m such a coward. I’m not afraid of anything except for spiders. This is not the big deal. I’m a coward because I cannot express my feelings easily. I cannot tell others what I want. I don’t have the courage to even say “sorry” for what I’ve done.

I can say sorry fr small things happened but now, it’s not small to easily say sorry. It’s really the big thing. A big part of my life. Friendship.

It’s hard to search for a nice gift. A gift that is simple but represents my sincerity. Then I found myself buying a red key chain.

My mom and my brother are sleeping while I’m still awake and writing something on a piece of stationery. I don’t need to use a scratch-paper. I just wrote everything I wanted to say personally.

I put the key chain and the letter on a little gift wrapper. I needed all the courage to give that to him but that courage is not enough. I ended up asking my friend for help. She is the one who handed him the peace-offering, as what I call it.

I knew that he already received it, but I can’t control my emotions. As what I’ve said, I’m not strong . I burst into tears. Crying like a lost child in a crowd. I know many of my classmates saw me crying, but I don’t care whatever they would think of me. I’m used to whatever they are saying about me. The most important is that I can express my feelings now.

My friends did their way to help me. All of them went outside the classroom. Then there I was, crying and crying until my eyes became irritated. But there he was , too, comforting me while I’m saying “sorry”. He just said, “Bati na tayo.”

Thank God for giving me the courage to do this. If I didn’t take the first move, I don’t know if when would he and I be friends again. Maybe next year. Maybe after graduation. Or maybe never.

I have learned the lesson that if you want something, you can do anything for it, even though it is hardest thing to do.

That’s why my Christmas is happy, although my father is abroad.

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