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What is your soul worth?

This is one of the main themes of the Twilight Saga and it is very deep when you really start to think about it. Would you be willing to give up your soul for the person you love?
I am not asking if you would do this for Edward because I think most women would in a heartbeat. I probably would jump on that with no questions asked! I am taking this idea outside of fiction and putting it into real terms. How far are you willing to go for love?
think that when it comes to my first love the answer would be very simple and overly dramatic. I would go to the ends of the earth for him. I probably would have too if it hadn’t ended the way it did. But as I grew up as a person I started to realize that there are values and things that I wouldn’t trade or give up just to be with someone.

I love my family. We are loud, sometimes obnoxious, but we are also fiercely loyal. We would walk over hot coals for one another no matter what. I never have to worry that they don’t have my back. I think Bella is willing to give up hers pretty easily. I can’t see myself being with a person who would make me choose them over my family. In the end I know that it is a bad idea to be with someone who wants you to make that sacrifice.

I love my friends. They have been there through the scary and hard. They know secrets that might make you blush. They are the backbone of my social life. Yes, in the beginning I might give them less time. I wouldn’t mean to do it, but I know it will happen. When I am firmly entrenched in my relationship I know that we can go back to a normal level. But what if they disliked my man? I have learned that sometimes friends do have a sixth sense and maybe I am blinded by the idea of love. I will listen and make my choice with honesty being the key there. I am lucky that I am old enough to have gotten rid of those malicious friends who might not have my best interest at heart.

Religion has always been a hotbed of controversy for me. I am religious but I am also very open to other ideologies. Could I be with someone who limited their views to one tiny segment? I can’t conceivably see myself doing that.

If this man I am seeing wanted to move away from everyone I know and into a strange place would I be able to do it? If he was offering me the world would I say no? I don’t think so. I can be away in a new place as long as I have a partner there to support me. You have to know that your relationship is solid long before you do this.
think that self knowledge comes over time and the choices we make can change from our teenage self to out adult self. If I had a time machine I would probably do many things differently but I know that the only reason that I am here now is because of everything I have been through. So would I give up my soul to be with the man of my dreams? First I have to check that he is, in reality, all he appears to be—then who knows?

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Comment by Kristin on February 11, 2009 at 8:07pm
I agree with you. I gave up alot for my first love and I learned a valuable lesson form it. I don't know if I would do as much for future loves as I did for the first.

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