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Could I really love him? He was a human. There was no way I was going to let him screw up my life.

Chapter 1 (BPOV)

September 13, 1789

My name is Isabella Marie Swan. I live in Forks, Washington. I am known as the most beautiful girl in Forks. Today is my seventeenth birthday. Since my parents died a year ago today I was living by myself. I was on my way home from a friend's house. I was in a good mood. I was not really paying attention to what was going on around me. I had not heard the men come up behind me. The only thing I remember is that they had beaten me and left me for dead in the road. I was in the road for what seemed like a week but I heard someone come up beside me. They told me that they were a doctor and they would try to help me. I felt them pick me up I could feel the air on my face. I had no clue where they were taking me. I must have passed out during the time because the next thing I knew was that I felt a very soft bed under me. I had no sense of time or reality. The next thing I knew was that it felt as if my whole body was on fire. I wanted to cry but something in my head told me not to. After what seemed like decades the pain from my body began to go away but it went to my heart. My heart was beating really crazy and then it stopped. I opened my eyes and I could see everything. I had looked around to see where I was. I had not recognized where I was but I did recognize the only other person in the room. It was the gorgeous young blonde doctor from the hospital but I had not known his name. He had told me that my parents had died. "Hello Ms. Swan" he said. "Hello" was all I managed to say. "My name is Dr. Carlisle Cullen." Dr. Cullen said. "I am the one who found you in the road. You had been all but dead when I had gotten to you so I did the one thing that I was still able to do." he said. He paused. He took a deep breath before continuing. "I want to tell you something but before I do I need you to promise me that you will listen to me." "Ok Dr. Cullen I promise to listen to you." Before he started I want know if he was going to tell what had happened to me. "Dr. Cullen I was wondering if you are also going to tell me what had happened to me?" I asked. He looked a little worried and then answered me. "Yes I will tell you. Ms.Swan please forgive me for what I have done. I am a vampire but I only drink to blood of animals but when I had found you in the road I knew who you were right away. I made the choice to change you. I would understand if after you thought it over that you would want to leave and be on your own." He could see in my eyes that I had a lot of questions for him. "Before you ask me questions I want to take you hunting that way you won't have to be uncomfortable." After he said that, that was the first time that I had noticed my throat was burning. He walked out of the door and went outside. I had followed him. "I want you to close your eyes and relax." I closed my eyes and relaxed. "Then I want you to see what you can smell in the air." I took a deep breath. "I can smell a group of deer 4 miles north and a mountain lion 2 miles east." He looked surprised. "Very good Ms. Swan." I was surprised that he commented me. "You can call me Bella instead of Ms. Swan." "Now that you know where the animals are I want to you to choose one and then go after it and then feed." "Ok." I wanted the mountain lion for two reasons. The first reason was because it was close and the second reason is that it smelled really good. After I finished the mountain lion I was still thirsty so I went to get some of the deer. As I got full I was on my way back to Dr. Cullen when I smell something that wasn't an animal but it smelled really good. I ignored it and went to Carlisle. "I smelled something that wasn't an animal but smelled really good. Plus I didn't go and attack it. I just came here." "Take me to where you smelled it Bella." I took him back to where I smelled it. "I want you to hold your breath." I did as I was told. He looked around for a few minutes. "That was a human you smelled Bella. I am very proud of you." Wow I smelled a human and didn't do anything to it. Dr. Cullen and I went back to his house. I just stayed inside the door and thought a while. I was really unsure if I wanted to stay with Dr. Cullen to not. I would be able to look up to him as a father. I had not noticed hat Dr. Cullen was watching me. I think he was worried about how I was reacting. "Dr. Cullen..." he cut me off.”You can call me Carlisle." "Ok Carlisle. I will stay with you." He had a slight smile on his face. "Carlisle will I be able to my house to get some stuff." He thought about it for a while. "Yes you may but I should go with you and make sure you don't hurt any humans." I just nodded my head. I went out the door and he followed.

Chapter 2 (BPOV)

September 16, 1789

I got to my house and just stared at it. “Do you want me to come in with you Bella?” Carlisle asked me. All I was able to do was nod my head. I headed into the house and he followed. I went up to my room. Carlisle just stayed in the living room. I went to my closet and got all my dresses out and put them in the truck at the end of my bed. I gathered all my pictures and out them in there as well. I closed the trunk and took it out to the living room to were Carlisle was at. “Carlisle do I need to sell my house or what am I suppose to do with it?” He thought about it for a while. “You know you should keep it for the future.” That actually sounded like a good idea. Since I was a newborn I should stay with Carlisle until I can control myself. I grabbed my trunk and followed Carlisle out the door. We made it back to his house. When we made it back Carlisle was really surprised and I had no clue why. “Carlisle is there a reason you look surprised?” I really wanted to know. “Bella normally newborn vampires are blood crazed and are like that for a few months after they are changed. You seemed to be fine in public places and you passed up human blood. Normally it takes many centuries to accomplish that ability.” That really surprises me that he had said that. “Is that a good thing?” “Yes Bella that is a very good thing.” He was thinking of something because I could see it in his eyes. “Would you be willing to try something?” I thought about it. I would be willing to try anything. “I was wondering if you want to test your resistant to human blood.” “How?” “By going with me to the hospital tonight.” I had to think about that. “Carlisle I need to think about it but in the mean time can you show me to my room.” “Of course Bella.” He led me to my room. He left me alone to unpack my trunk. I had unpacked my trunk and I went to go find Carlisle. I had found him in his office doing some paperwork. He reminds me of my father. “Carlisle?” He looked up at me. I could really see that he was a lot like my father. “Yes Bella.” “I will go with you to the hospital.” “Okay. I will be leaving soon so you have time to do anything before we leave.” I went back to my room to get changed into another dress. After I got dressed I went into the living room and waited for Carlisle. He came into the living room. “Are you ready?” “As ready as I will ever be.” He smiled at me and I returned the favor. With that we were out the door on our way to the hospital. When we got there I was really worried that I wouldn’t resist human blood again. We went into the hospital. “If you feel any burning in your throat you should let me know that way I know that you aren’t ready to do this.” He whispered low enough that I was the only one who could hear it. I just nodded my head in response. From the time we got there to the time we left I never had the burning sensation. I was really proud of myself. “Carlisle I never once felt the burning sensation.” He looked really surprised. “That’s really good Bella.” “Why do you think I can do that despite I’m a newborn.” “I have no clue what it could be but I am going to do some research.” With that he was off to his office. It was so unreal not being able to sleep. I found I have been reading more since I have more time. I was lying on my bed reading when I heard Carlisle at my door. “You can come in.” I had said that to him before he had a chance to knock on my door. “I have done some research and could not find anything but I know someone who has a special ability and if they touch you they can tell what your special ability is.” “That is really good. Are they going to be coming here?” “I have no idea. I sent them a letter so we will see whether or not they come.” I think if they do come they will get here faster than it took them to get the letter. Vampire speed is a quick way to get place to place. I went to my room to read. Finally after a while Carlisle told me that we had visitors. “Okay. I will be down soon.” He left the room. I put my book down and got changed. When I went down I could feel all eyes on me. I saw there were five other vampires. The only thing I noticed was that their eyes were golden like Carlisle’s and mine. They all stood up and made their way over. There were four females and one male. Three of the females looked alike. They looked like sisters. They came up to me and introduce themselves. “Hello. My name is Tanya.” She had strawberry blonde hair. “These are my sisters Kate and Irina.” “Hello. My name is Isabella Swan but you can call me Bella.” The other female and the male came up to introduce themselves. “Hello Bella. I am Carmen and this is Eleazar my mate” said the female. Carlisle came over to me. “Bella I have known the Denali Clan for quite a while. Eleazar is the one who can tell us hopefully what your special ability is.” “That would be very nice to finally know.” “Bella I notice that your eyes are completely gold.” Tanya had spoken up. “I was wondering are you a newborn?” I was a little surprised that she asked. “Yes Tanya I am a newborn.” “Oh. You don’t act like a newborn so I was wondering.” After that we just dropped the subject. “Eleazar will have to have contact with you to see what your ability is.” As Carlisle was talking Eleazar came over to me. He offered his hand for me to shake. So in response I shook his hand. He had a hold of my hand for about a minute before letting going. He looked puzzled. “Kate can you come here I want to try something.” Kate came over she has brownish blonde hair. “Hi Bella.” “Hello.” “I have a special ability. I can shock anyone I touch.” Oh no. I offered her my hand. She took my hand. I didn’t feel anything. “Bella you are a mental and physical shield. That is a really good ability to have.” “Thank you everyone.” They left shortly after that.

Chapter 3 (BPOV)

October 19, 1918

I have been with Carlisle for many decades now. I also have kept to feeding on animals. I became a nurse and now work with Carlisle. We had move to Chicago a few years ago. When we first moved here the first wave of Spanish Influenza had hit. Now the second wave has hit. I was working when a mother and her seventeen year old son came in. They were both dying of it. Their last name was Mason. I remember the father had died in the first wave. I felt so sorry for them. The first thing I noticed was that the boy, Edward, his blood sang to me. I went to find Carlisle I had to tell him. I had found him checking on Edward’s mother, Elizabeth. I could tell that she didn’t have much time left. “Dr. Cullen may I speak with you a moment?” I had to call him doctor at the hospital. “Edward Mason, Mrs. Mason’s son, his blood sings to me. No human’s blood has ever done that.” “Well Bella a blood singer is what vampires call their mated before they are turned.” “Do you think we should change him?” “Yes I do.” “Elizabeth made me promise her that I would do everything in my power to save Edward if anything were to happen to her.” When we went back into her room she had passed away. “Bella why don’t you go get Edward and take him down to the morgue. With how bad he is he can pass as dead. After you get down there we will take him back to our house and change him.” I went back to his room. He was asleep that was a good thing because then it would be easier to think that he was dead. When I got to he morgue Carlisle was waiting for me. I picked Edward up off the bed and ran with Carlisle back to our house. I took Edward to my room and laid him on the bed. He was so sick. I was about to go find Carlisle when he came into my room. “Do you want to change him or should I?” I was a little surprised that he asked. “I want to but I’m worried that I might not be able to stop.” “I can stay with you if you want.” I just nodded my head. I lend down and whispered in Edward’s ear “I’m sorry.” With that I bit him. He blood tasted so good. I have never imagined any blood this good. Shortly after I shank my teeth in I tried to put as much venom in his blood as possible. After I was done I licked the wound to put venom there as well. I was glad that I hadn’t killed him. Now all I had to do was wait. I stayed with Edward the whole time. I could tell the he was in a lot of pain. I remember the pain involved in being changed. It has almost been three days. Edward should be waking soon. “Carlisle. I think that he is going to be waking soon.” He came in to check on Edward. I could tell the change was almost over because his heart was beating really fast. “Bella it’s almost over. He’ll be waking soon.” A few minutes later his heart had stopped. He opened his eyes. He sat up and looked around. I could tell that he was really confused. “Dr. Cullen, Nurse Cullen where am I?” Carlisle and I just looked at one another. We didn’t know what to say or who should say it. Carlisle looked as if he was thinking about something. Edward looked a little annoyed and I didn’t know why but then he spoke up. “Dr. Cullen I know you have something to say. Just come out and say it because you aren’t making any sense.” Carlisle and I looked at each other and we were a little bit confused. I know for a fact that Carlisle was not talking. Then it dawned on me Edward heard Carlisle’s thoughts. Since I am a shield he wouldn’t be able to hear me unless my shield was down. “I know what’s going on here.” They both were a little surprised. “Do you wish to explain to us Bella?” Carlisle asked. “Edward has to ability to read mind but he wouldn’t be able to read my mind because I am a shield.” It seemed liked Carlisle realized what I was saying. He must have brought something into this life that caused him to be able to read minds. “I am sorry but I am assuming that your throat must be burning Edward.” “Yes it is Nurse Cullen.” “You can just call me Bella or Bells. Also you can call Dr. Cullen Carlisle if you wish.” “Okay thanks for that information.” I couldn’t help but stare at him. “Are you ready to get burning stopped? I know that sounded really awkward. I didn’t know how else to phrase it. Sorry.” Wow, if I was still human I would be beat red. “Please.” I jumped out my window. Edward followed me and then Carlisle followed him. We really had to watch him seeing as he is a newborn. I wonder why he is acting like this. I am glad that he isn’t acting like a normal newborn. I wonder if his special ability had something to do about that. We stopped in the woods and he stopped and turned around to Carlisle and I. “How do I hunt?” “You need to close your eyes and relax.” Carlisle told him. “Ok now what?” “You need to smell the air.” I told him. He took a deep breath. “Now what do you smell?” I asked. As he was doing this Carlisle checked the woods to make sure they were clear. He came back and nodded to let me know that the woods were clear. “I smell heard of deer 3 mile west” he said. “Good. What else?” I was amazed that he smelled them. I had smelled a mountain lion about 5 miles east of where we were. “I smell a mountain lion 5 miles east.” “Very good Edward.” Carlisle said. “Now go after whatever you want weather it would be deer or the mountain lion.” I told him. It had not surprised me that he had gone east. Carlisle and I followed him but had put some distance between Edward and us. By the time Carlisle and I got there he was finishing the mountain lion. Wow. Was the only thing I was able to think I wasn’t about to say it though. It is a very ad idea to interrupt a vampire while they are hunting or feeding. It would be an even worse idea to interrupt a newborn.

Chapter 4 (BPOV)

When he had finished draining the mountain lion he went looking for Carlisle and I. He had found us in a tree. When we got down out of the tree Edward looked a little confused. “We were in the trees to stay away while you feed that way you wouldn’t attack us.” Carlisle told him. He had a look of understanding on his face. I think he could actually understand. “Is your thirsted quenched?” I asked. He had to think about it for a minute. “Yes I thinks my thirst is gone for now.” We all went back to the house. It would still be awhile until Edward could be out in public. We had to wait for his eyes to turn to gold. It was time for Carlisle to leave to go to the hospital. I was glad that we would be leaving soon. I knew we would be moving before we had turned Edward. Now that Carlisle left it was just Edward and I in the house. I really had to tell him what happened and why it happened. I was in my room changing when I smelled Edward at my door. “Please wait a minute before coming in.” I really would have been embarrassed if he had just walked in and I didn’t have my dress on I finally got my dress on. “You can come in now Edward.” He came in and sat on my bed. I was still standing at my closet. I look asked at him and could tell he had a lot of questions. I think the only reason he had so many questions was because he couldn’t read my mind. “I can tell that you have a lot of questions. I may be able to answer some of them but the ones I can’t answer Carlisle can once he gets home.” He just sat there quietly. I guess he must be getting his thoughts in order. Before he started talking I put my shield down. He looked shocked. “I… I… I can hear your thoughts.” He stuttered. I just smiled. “I know. I put my shield down that way explaining some things will be easier.” I said it out loud. “So what is you first question?” “What happened to me?” “I changed you into a vampire because two reasons. One your mother made Carlisle promise he would do everything in his power to save you. The second reason is that I am a selfish creature.” He looked really confused. “Before you were turned your blood sang to me. I have never wanted to kill a human before I met you. You were the only human I ever wanted to kill. Every time I would check on you I knew better than to harm you. When I finally told Carlisle that your blood sang to me he told me not to worry because if a vampire had met their mate and they were human the blood would sing to them.” I paused and gave Edward a few minutes to understand what I had told him. “So what you’re saying is that there was no way to avoid changing me right?” “Right a blood singer always gets turned if they are human.” “My next question is why animal blood?” That kind of caught me off guard but I understand why he asked because I had done that same thing. “Well we feed off of animal blood because we don’t want to be monsters. We call ourselves vegetarians. Since we feed on animal blood it is easier fitting in with humans.” “Okay. I know this may be weird but how old are you?” “I was 17 when I was turned but I was turned in 1789. So I am 219 years old.” “How were you turned?” “Well I don’t remember it very well but what I do remember is too painful to talk about so I will play it in my head for you to see.” I played what I remembered in my head. I was watching his facial expressions while he watched. I could see the horror on his face. After that he came over to me and gave me a hug. I just sobbed. We were like that for a while. When I finally stopped sobbing I could feel that our relationship is going to change. “How about we move this conversation to the living room that way Carlisle won’t think we were out.” As we were on our way to the living room Edward held my hand the whole way. When he grabbed my hand I felt a shock only soul mates fell. When we got to the living room we sat on the love seat but we faced each other. “So what is you next question?”Where will we be moving to next after leaving here?” “We will be going to Forks, Washington because if is like 99% cloudy like as in having very few sunny days. Plus everyone I would have known there had died since that was where I grew up.” I wonder what house we are going to stay in. I am going to ask Carlisle when he gets home. I should probably start packing the things I am going to take. I was so lost I thought that I hadn’t noticed that Edward was staring at me. I knew Carlisle was going to home shortly so I thought I might start packing what I am going to take. I started to get up when Edward grabbed my hand and turned me to face him. “Where are you going?” Oops I guess I put my shield back up. “Sorry I didn’t notice that I put my shield back up.’ “You’re forgiven but you didn’t tell me where you are going.” “I am going to my room and pack some things that is going to Forks with us.” “Oh ok. Cane I come with you?” I thought about it briefly and nodded my head in agreement. It would be weird going back there after all this years. I don’t really think I ever pictured myself going back. I have found my soul mate I wonder if Carlisle will ever find his. I worry about him sometimes. I remember a few years ago he had grown an attachment to a young human called Esme Platts. I wonder where she is now. I could tell that she was in love with him.

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