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I waited silently in Rooks room after he left. My mouth was silent, but my head was buzzing with thousands of questions and thoughts of hatred toward Rook. Why did he leave me here? Who’s Jade? Why is Rook such a jerk? I know why he’s a jerk, because he is a stupid Shadowing!

            A knock on the door stopped my thoughts. “Come in.” I whispered so quietly I could barely hear myself.

            The door opened and a pale woman stepped inside. A beautiful woman.

            And it was true. Her glossy ink hair draped so perfectly over her shoulder, a red sleeve hidden under it. The woman’s dress stopped just above her knees, just enough to see her slim legs. They weren’t so stick-like like mine. 

            Now I was jealous. Jealous of every part of her. Her long hair, much longer than my short hair. Which got burned because of Rook…

            “Hello.” The Women said almost silk like. “You must be the Pixie girl. The one Rook likes.”

            “Rook likes me?” I almost chocked, my voice going higher than ever before.

            “You think he would do that to any other Pixie? You guys have to be friends.”

            “Oh, yes.” My voice was whispering now. “Friends. Of course.”

            “What? Why are you so sad? Do you want to be more than friends or something?” Her voice bugged at my thoughts.

            I don’t like him. I would never like Rook. Never. Ever. I shouldn’t like Rook. He left me. He made me get burned. He’s evil. He’s a Shadowing. Shadowing’s are archenemies with Pixies. But he was a Pixie. He was one of me. He’s my friend. We were friends. Not more than friends. But do I want to be more than friends? No. Never. Not Rook.

            “No.” I growled. “Not him. Not ever.”

            Her eyebrows went up, almost stunned at me. For what?

            “Are you going to help me get dressed or what?” I said trying to act as calm as possible. Which isn’t possible.

            “Yes.” She beamed unfreezing from her position.

            She motioned me to stand up, and I did. The women then handed me some oily silk-like clothing.

            “You’re Jade, right?” the words slipped out of my mouth suddenly.


            “What are you?”

            She paused. “A night child.”

            Now I knew why she was perfect. I knew why she was so pale. Only a vampire could be that beautiful, yet so stone like. But they weren't a statue or anything-

            My thoughts stopped abruptly as ice touched my hips. A gasp escaped from my mouth.

            But it wasn’t ice. It was Jades fingers. Touching my hips….

            “What are you doing?” I snapped.

            “Helping you take your shirt off.” Jade almost laughed. “How else are you going to change into this? I doubt you would just throw this dress over your shirt.”

            I nodded as the cloth went over my head. Jade quickly replaced my top with a strange oily silk. The cloth just covered the top of my chest. I shuddered. So not something a Pixie would wear….

            When Jade reached out to take of my skirt, I shooed her away.

            “Nuh uh.” I shook my head.

            Jade nodded and took her palms away. I slipped of my skirt, trying not to think about Jade staring at me. I quickly grabbed the new black colored skirt and put it on. It went to a bit past my feet, but at least it was modest…

            “Now we fix your face.” Jade said.

            “What? What’s wrong with my face?” I squeaked.

            Jade just tilted her head to the side. “Eh.”

            She grabbed a black pen and poked it at the edges of my eyes. I winced as the pain went through me. Please don’t poke my eye out…

            Then Jade grabbed a brush with powder on it and dabbed my cheeks. Some of the powder went inside my nose, giving the bitterest smell. I fought the urge to sneeze or cough out the powder at the least. The last item Jade pulled out was a weird twisty bush thing, which she used to twist my hair. And it burned. But why should did I care if it burned? Did it bring back too many memories for me? Of course it did. What if this twisty thing burned my hair even more? What if I became bald?

            “Alright.” Jade said putting a mirror in front of me. “All done.”

            It didn’t look like me. It wasn’t me. Her hair way curled, and her eyes were outlined like someone who was tired. The girl in the mirror kept blushing. She never stopped! And the worst part was her outfit. Oh dear…

            The girl’s top was a V-neck, but the top stopped at the bottom of her lungs. The lungs! The skirt was long and black, but right on the leg was a huge cut in the skirt, which showed her leg. Her whole leg.

            But this is you, Beige. I thought to myself.

            And you look like a Shadowing.


Jade brought me to the ceremony entrance after my panic attack. “It’s ok!” She told me. Her voice was soothing, but I couldn’t get the thought of me being a Shadowing and I all could to was scream inside.

            The doors to the ceremony halls entrance went all the way to the top of the wall-which was tall let me mind you. It had Shadow clan’s symbols all over the metal door. Dragons and vines swooped down the door.

            Two Ogres opened the large doors for us. A huge creak went down the hall. Then Jade led me into the ceremony hall.

            The ceremony halls were covered with different Shadowing’s. Vampires, Ogres, Maskeeguards, and the Inkmen seemed to be everyone there. And I seemed to be the star of the ceremony.

            “Settle down, settle down!” An Inkman shouted over the talking voices, which quickly stopped once the man spoke. “As many of you know, the Rainbow Stone is now ours.”

            I never thought I’d meet an Inkmen. Pixies and Inkmen were very opposite. Pixies use their powers for good, and a few special Pixies actually have magic. Inkmen however, use their powers for evil. They destroy nature! But I guess that makes sense because they are part demon….

            Someone led me up the stairs to a giant stage.





            Panic washed over me fast as the vampire faced me toward the crowd. A drunk crowd. I could see the bottles of whiskey in everyone’s hands. Except for Rook.

            I barely realized I was looking at Rook. But I was. My eyes were on him. But his weren’t on mine. They were on Jade’s. And Jade wasn’t near me. She was by Rook. Kissing Rook. And Rook was kissing her back, and putting his arms around her, and tilting his head to kiss her better. And I was jealous.


            I was not jealous. I didn’t like Rook anymore. At. All.

            The Inkman spoke again, and I turned my eyes to him. He shouted loudly and joyfully. “And we do! We have the Rainbow Stone! With this power we can defy nature, kill Pixies, DROWN MERMAIDS!” His words sent familiar images through my eyes. I wanted to retort so bad. Show the Inkman what I was made of….“And it is here with us right now!” He shouted again. “To celebrate, I’ve brought this lovely Pixie here to play some games with.” He started to chuckle to himself, and the crowd quickly did, too. “First, we shall start with the apple game." A man came up to me, putting a polished apple atop my head. “I, the king, shall go first.” And with that he took out a wooden bow and arrow.

            So you’re going to shoot this apple off my head? What if you hit me? Oh wait. You don’t care if you hit me! I shouted in my mind realizing what was happening.

            He pulled back the string recklessly, releasing the sharp arrow a second later.

            My heart felt as if it was going to pound out of my chest. I took in a deep breath, as a loud bang sounded right above my head. The arrow wobbled above me.

            A cheer rose from the crowd. And just to let you know, I’m not considered the crowd. So I was not cheering. I was gasping. Panicking.

            “Next the prince shall go!” The king cheered.

            The prince? Oh Heck No!

            Rook loosened from Jades grasp at the corner of my eye. No, no, no! He walked over to the stage with this weird movement. What did the humans call it? Swaggering? But, maybe I’m wrong. Human swaggering was a bit different. They got really into it. 

            At that moment I realized how much the Inkmen looked like pirates. Mermaids told so many stories about them. Most only had one eye because when they took the Mermaids treasures, they wouldn’t leave without a fight. Aside from being vain, mermaids were vicious creatures.

            Some Inkmen only had one eye, just like the pirates in the tales. And they had a bird friend, too. Except theirs was a crow, not some rainbow parrot.

            “Here you are Rook.” The Inkman king said handing Rook a black bark bow.

            I barely remembered that Rook was there. And now I knew. I knew he would shoot at me. And he would miss, just like his father did. Hmph. I couldn’t believe I just said Father.

            But if he missed, where would the next arrow land? In my eye?

            Panic spreads through me, and before I can fully experience it, I see Rook pulling back the arrow.

            “WAIT!” the word shouts out of me without my permission. How did I even get enough air for that to come out?

            Rook pulls forward on the arrow, facing it downward away from me. Of course his eyes are locked on mine. And everyone else’s, too.

            The king’s face turned bright red, as he put his hand on Rook’s shoulder, squeezing it with all his strength. Rook winced.

            “How do you stand for this?” The king shouted outraged, pointy his boney finger at me. “Why listen to her filthy words? She is a senseless Pixie, Rook! A SWINE!” Pig? Excuse me, but if anyone is going to be called a swine it's your dear Ogre friends....

            “Well isn’t that polite to say to a woman?” I said, smirking at him.

            “Excuse me?” The king looked my way furiously.

            “I am a women you know.” I replied. “Troll or vampire, I’m still female.”

            “As long as you’re a Pixie we will treat you same, no matter what gender!”

            “Still female over here. I bet your mother would be very disappointed with you. And what gender is she? Oh, right. Female.”

            “BE QUIET!” The king’s voice echoed throughout the room.

            Oh, now would be the perfect time to pull those human ‘Yo Momma’ jokes. ‘Yo Mommas so fat, that she left with heels and came back with flats.’

            He turned back to Rook reluctantly. “What is your decision?”

            “Let her speak.” Rook said forcefully.

            The King turned to me, nodding his head. “Speak, Bug.” He spat the nickname at me like knives. If I could just fly over there and grab his throat-

            “Thank you.” I try to say as politely as I can. “I don’t really like this game.” Someone shouted in the crowd something like ‘It’s not yours to like!’ “And well, I figured I should have a say in it considering your shooting it off of my head.”

            The king nodded. “Of course, my lady. But you must realize we don’t exactly care about your decision. And if you don’t mind-“ he looked over by the Maskeeguards below the stage. “I need a bit of help.”

            The Maskeeguards nodded then walked up the stage. Rook started to protest-On what? –With his father, but the Maskeeguards came.

            The guards made me turn around, and then they grabbed my hands forcefully. A hard material scraped my wrists, tying my hands together. Then the guards turned me toward the audience again, pushing me against the bull’s-eye board. The rope tied my feet and the board together, as well as my waist.

            “Thank you.” He king said, and the guards left the stage.

            Everything was quiet for a while.

            So they tied me up to the board. And now Rook is going to shoot me. He might hurt me. Well isn’t this a fun day…?

            “Now let’s try this again.” The king suggested handing Rook a bow, which he took, sadly.

            Rook pulled the arrow back, looking at me for some time. His eyes were full of guilt and sadness, and I looked at them angrily.

            I’m sorry!

            I hate you, you stupid idiotic moron.

            He released the arrow, the familiar whoosh going through the air. The whoosh that got me here. The whoosh that his father used just a moment ago. The whoosh that stole Rook away from me. I closed my eyes gently.

            A pain rippled through my body. I kept my eyes closed. The pain was so strange. It burned, yet it felt so soft. I kept my eyes closed. I felt air go through in my ear. Not through the way sound would though. I opened my eyes.

            Rook looked at me covering his mouth. The king smirked in delight, just as the crowd did. I touched my ear lightly, a sharp burst going down my spine. I took my hand away looking at the bright velvet on my hand. I silently pulled the arrow out of my ear, looking at some bows on the floor at my right.

            He nicked my ear.

            Rage went through me. I went straight for the bows, quickly putting the arrow into one. Shouts from the audience surrounded me. I ignored them, aiming the arrow right a Rook’s ear.

            I let go.


            The arrow missed. But Rook still looked shocked, and so did the king.

            A buzz went through me, and all the sound disappeared. All that I could hear was the ringing of a bell.

            The king started to shout angrily, his grey beard bouncing on his black robes. Trolls ran up the stairs grabbing me, shaking me. They swung me down onto the hard stage ground. I gasped, not hearing it.

            I tried to lift myself up but something pushed me back down. I recognized the slender figure. Her eyes, her silky hair. But she didn’t seem to care whether she knew me or not. I had just shot an arrow at her boyfriend.

            She held me by my neck until I stood on my feet. Once I did, she put her head against my shoulder. But why would she do that? Then another pain stabbed me, right where her head layed.

            I felt as if I was being drained of all my strength. My body went limp, and my vision began to blur.

            Before the blackness covered me I let out a last word with all the power I had left. All the air I had left. And part of me loved that word, loved hearing it, and seeing it. And I wanted to hear it one more time.


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Comment by Trixie Pixie on January 31, 2013 at 8:28pm

Aww thanks! =D

Comment by Louise Holt ( Jiji ) on January 31, 2013 at 12:55pm

What happens next ? Kept me intereded. I liked this   

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