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I held his hand in mine as we walked up the hill. I only turned my head sometimes to check on what his expression was. His eyes reflected of the tree ahead of us, but the blue was still visible. His mouth was open as if he was going to speak, but he was silent the whole way. I wondered if he was as frightened as I was. He seemed calm… but then he also looked nervous. I couldn’t tell for sure.

            My feet itched from the wet grass. Paula must have watered it just before… I looked ahead of me not wanting to remember. I bit my lips, as the thoughts wouldn’t go away. Why were we asked to walk up the hill? Why can’t we turn back? Why every time I smelt the air it smelt like smoke?

            I took another breath of the toxic air. I wondered if Rook could notice beside me. He didn’t seem to, he breathed normal.

            We were here. The top of the hill was at the very side of our town. We went here for special occasions. Weddings, funerals, dates… but right now we were just sent here. I touched the bark of the huge elm tree, afraid to turn around.

            “We should look,” Rook mumbled behind me. I still was holding onto his hand. I took my other hand off the tree and turned toward him, not looking at the village behind him. I looked straight into his eyes.

            “Promise me,” I whispered. “That you won’t leave me. No matter what.”

            “I promise.” He said gripping my hand tighter. I leaned into him, pressing my lips onto his forehead. It was our clans sign for ‘farewell, be safe’. I don’t why I did it. I wasn’t planning on leaving him.

            My lips left his forehead and I looked into his wide eyes then to our holding hands. Our bodies turned together toward the village.


Fire rose in the middle of the village. Burning houses and shops filled our sweet village. Running women and children went toward our safe houses. Why didn’t my mother send Rook and I over there? Why up here? Tears welled up in my eyes. I wanted to be with my mother. Not here.

            I wiped my eyes with the back of my hands, catching some strands of my snow hair. My hair reached the back of my knees now. I had the longest hair in my village-

            Stop thinking about that

            It was true. I needed to focus more on now, not keep straying into the corners of my thoughts. My eyes searched the village again, which was now wrapped in a dark black fog.

            The knights of our villages rode on the royal stallions we kept in the stables. Their shinning silver armor didn’t shine anymore though, it was just silver. I wondered if it was because of the fog or if they just didn’t have the time to wash their uniforms.

            My eyes kept on one knight that rode toward a black figure. The shadow like creature raised up a glinting sword-At least these guys had time to clean their uniforms…-and slashed the knight on the side. The knight fell to the ground limping, a velvet pond growing on the ground beside him. I wished I could look away. But I forced myself not to.

            The black creature turned around to face me. His goblin face made me jump back, a shiver going down my spine.


            I gripped Rooks hand tighter. He quickly glanced at me then back at the village. His thumb rubbed against my hand.

            Behind us a familiar face came. It was our clan’s king, Truth. He bent down to our height and kissed us both on the foreheads then walked toward the closest Maskeeguard. He was a faithful leader to us, a fearful leader to us. And he would die one, too.

            I turned my head away as he pulled out his sword. I placed my face on Rooks shoulder not looking for a while. I finally rose to see Truth lying on the ground, the Maskeeguard above him.

            “Rook,” I started, almost chocking on the small word. The Maskeeguard held his gaze on us as more Maskeeguards turned our way. “Run.”

            We both turned around and headed down the other side of the hill. Our feet barely touched the ground as we ran, just a quick skim of our toes. My breath got louder as we ran away from our village. I looked ahead.

            We were heading toward the Black Forest. It was Elf ground. They should be able to help us. My legs ran faster as I thought.

            “The Black Forest. That’s Elf ground, right?” He asked as I nodded. “We haven’t had any contact with the Elves in a while. Do you think they will help?”

            “Yes, they will.” I replied. “The Elves always help. They are the sweetest people who roam our lands.”

            “What makes you think they’ll listen to us? Two ten-year-old Pixies?”

            Why would they listen to us? What made us any good? We did help the Elf clan in the war against the Maskeeguards, and we helped humans-a favorite study for elves-from the mischievous Nixies.

            “They will, I just know.”

            The bark of the first Black Tree scraped my arm. It burned against me, but I kept running. Rook ran a bit ahead of me, almost pulling me with him into the forest. Then I heard a loud wail. A howl.

            “Werewolves!” Rook shouted, dragging me more into the forest. “They’re working with the Maskeeguards! They’re tracking us! Run, Beige! Run, you idiotic slow poke!”

            I was angry he called me that, furious, actually. But the howls of the nearby Werewolves made me run.

            My mind was racing.

            The paws of the Werewolves clamped at the ground behind us. I looked around for something to use. Maybe a sharp stick to defend myself. All I could really do though was look at the trees beside me as I ran. Why did trees always bump into me? Why did they go up so high? I blinked with amazement and turned to Rook. We needed to act quickly, Very quickly.

            “Rook,” I said pointing at one of the Black Trees. “The trees.”

            He looked over at me, almost dumbfounded on what I meant. I stopped running and started to climb one of them. He gave me a nod and climbed after me.

            I grabbed onto a branch to pull myself higher into the trees. I wish I had wings. I could have flown to the top of the tree. But my wings aren’t fully grown yet, so I’m stuck on my feet. And if you are wondering why none of us flew away from the village, it’s because the Maskeeguards were smart enough to burn the houses. Pixies can’t fly through smoke.


            I turned behind me to see Rook climbing, and some Werewolves gnawing at the bottom of the tree.

            “Rook! Climb faster.” I shouted as he rolled his eyes at me. How can we be making jokes like his right now?

            Finally we reached the top of the tree. I sat on a branch near Rook, and then finally looked below us again. Maskeeguards-dressed in their brown shorts and brown ripped shirts-surrounded the tree with bows and arrows ready to fire. I gasped covering my mouth.

            “Hey,” One tall Maskeeguard sneered. “I taught Pixies could fly.”

            “We can.” I said, immediately wanting to take back the words.

            “Oh, really? Ten why did chew climb ‘da whole way up here? Why did chew run all ‘da way to ‘da tree?” He asked, the tips of his pale lips going up. “Why haven’t chew flown aways already?”

            “Exercise!” I cheered quickly. “Seems you need it, too.” The Maskeeguard opened his mouth to say something-probably curse-but held it back. He was overweight. His belly stuck out below his Maskeeguard top.

            Just then a familiar hush went through the air. I saw another Maskeeguard, his arrow not anywhere near his bow. I hesitantly looked beside me. Not Rook. But I didn’t have anything to do about it. The arrow stuck into his chest, velvet blood already seeping through, and was slowly starting to fall toward the ground.

            The Maskeeguards didn’t bother to catch him. But they didn’t have to.

            A blue glow shaped around the boy, catching him in mid air. There, just a few behind the Maskeeguards stood an Elf draped in pure white cloth. His ear sharply pointed out of his taupe hair.

            “He’s ours Elf man!” A Maskeeguard yelled viciously.

            The Elf turned his head toward him slowly, and nodded. “Why do you let this young boy fall then? Why not catch him? I saved this boy, you should be thankful, Maskeeguard of the Shadow clan.”

            The Maskeeguard grunted something then stuck his hands out to catch the boy. The blue rays left the boy and rook started to fall down, landing in the Maskeeguards arms. The Maskeeguard plucked the arrow out of Rook turning to Sireon.

            “Thank you, Sireon.” The Maskeeguard said.

            “I trust Modarth has a need of this boy?” Sireon asked.

            “Yes, he will become our prince.” The Maskeeguard stated.

            “No!” I shouted. “Rook would never become one of you! He hates the Shadow clan! All they do is kill! Rook doesn’t kill!”

            The Maskeeguard just laughed at me, and walked toward a raven colored carriage, carrying Rook with him. “But he will, young Pixie.” And with that I jumped onto the Maskeeguards back, shocked how I reached my aim.

            “GET OFF ME YOU BLOODY PIXIE!” He yelled angrily.

            I chomped onto his arm, making him bleed-Pixies have sharp teeth for a reason-Then a dozen Maskeeguards pulled me off of his back, pinning me to the ground. I tried to get out of their grasp, but they held on to tight.

            “Rook!” I shouted toward the back of the carriage where Rook laid on the ground. But he moved, just twitching at first, and then he carried his head up off the ground. His eyes went from sleepy, to wide in a second.

            “Beige!” He screamed pulling on the bars of his cage. It was no use though. He was locked up, and I was being pinned down.

            Then the carriage started to move farther into the forest, carrying Rook with it. I screamed and kicked, and finally the Maskeeguards let go. Not for me though. They ran fast toward the carriage going inside of it.

            I got up running toward the carriage shouting Rooks name. I couldn’t let him go, and he couldn’t leave without me. I needed him. He was my best friend. My heart felt like it was being pulled away from me. “Rook!”

            I ran faster.

-By Trixie! =D

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