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I am new to the Rose group so I may be repeating commentary similar to what others have expressed.

I have watched the first movie, Twilight, three times as a rental. I plan to own each DVD and have the books on order, which should arrive tomorrow (I am so excited).

Here is my review, after watching Twilight for the first time:

As so many others, I have now been entranced by the movie Twilight.

I was convinced that this was a movie I was not going to like, for the sole reason that it was a romance. I don't like romance movies, mainly because, in candor, I am jaded. My belief is that it is something make believe, only because I do not know romance. While some may see this as sad, I only see it as what I know. How can one lack, what one does not know? Therefore, it is not something that causes me grief.

It wasn't long into the movie before I found myself hypnotized, mesmerized, and enthralled. I ask myself why, what is it about this movie that is so different than other romance movies?

I don't want to spoil it for others who may not have had the chance to watch the movie or read the books. So, if you haven't done either, I would strongly suggest that you stop reading here.

Although the main male character, Edward, seems aloof in the beginning, we become attracted to solving the mystery behind who he is and why we are so enamored by his appearance and behaviors. The mystery eventually begins to reveal itself.

He quickly becomes the protector, swooping in to rescue the damsel in distress. Who wouldn't want someone like this in our lives, ready to protect us from harm, fear, or danger? The safety of knowing someone is consistently there for us, emotionally and physically, becomes a craving. He is the safe passage from the evil in the world, even though he sees himself as "a bad guy". Humility at it's finest.

As the plot unfolds, Edward gains Bella's trust. "Do you trust me?" is a question asked more than once, forcing her to think about her decision. Trust is not easily gained, especially when you've been through countless situations where you have invested your trust in deceit, lies, and abandon.

We trust him, just as Bella does, because he has given us no reason to believe otherwise. It is because of his firm reliance on integrity, faithfulness, and the abilities displayed by his character. He is with her always, if not physically, then mentally. He meets her spoken and emotional needs, asking for nothing in return.

And then there is the romance between the characters. I watch curiously at their interactions. Gentle touches, passionate kisses, and intense desire. No one is twisted up in the bed sheets and passing the action off as love. Bella describes her love for Edward as "...unconditional, irrevocable...". While this may appear as a co-dependent behavior of sorts, she has a strong sense of what she wants, having led the life of an outsider. The two share the bond of feeling different than other people and finding a connection with each other.

At one point, Edward says, "I have been waiting for you for such a long time." If any man could learn a lesson about romance, it would be to understand the meaning behind this statement. Holding out for the hope of a soul mate and expressing the honesty of his feelings. Men (and I am generalizing) don't seem to fare very well in the feelings side of a relationship.

Then, threaded through the entire story, is the "Us versus Them". Good vs. Evil, Evil vs. Evil, and Good vs. Good. Evil, seen as what can harm, wrong, betray, and abandon us, begins to change our definition of the word.

The music is beautiful, very new age, and I can understand why anyone would want a copy of the soundtrack.

The setting is also beautiful with its lush forests, rustic settings, a grand home, and an art deco ballet studio.

In the end, I still see romance in the same vain, it is after all a movie/book of make believe. But, it doesn't stop me from getting caught up in the story.

Netflix says the release of the next movie in the series has an unknown release date. I know it will be dropped at the number one slot of my Queue when it becomes available, for I am spellbound.

Would I watch it again? I plan on adding each of the DVDs to my small collection of favorite movies.

Five stars? Most definitely.

P.S. I just happened to find a theater in my area that was showing Twilight: New Moon. Wow. As soon as I collect my thoughts, I'll be able to capture them in writing.

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Comment by Susan Piner on May 12, 2010 at 8:43pm
Love your review. Wishing true romance for you someday. Yes, we trust Edward for his endearing ways. It doesn't hurt that he's so handsome, either.

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