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Squeak and Giggles-first day of school- appomattox chaos

Giggle box! little Squeakerz called too her bestfriend in the whole world as they both entered the school cafeteria. it was the first day of school and both of them were very excited too see one another. Giggles is sixteen with beautiful caramel skin and the long braids all down her back. She is very kinetic like squeak and loves her music. Squeak is seventeen with shoulder length hair and pale skin. Her main thing in life is her art and of course her bestfriend giggles.

Where have you been all my life, Squeak joked as both girls walked with their arms around one another. That morning both girls spent their times catching up with all of their friends and occasionally flirting with some local boys that they liked. Hmmmm....

The bell rang and it was off too first class. After about half an hour in class Giggles left too go to the bathroom where she found squeak sitting on the floor eating some skittles.
Why aint you in class? Giggles demanded sitting down next too squeak. she handed her a handful of skittles after popping one in her mouth. Nobody good is in my first block, squeak responded with a mouthful of candy. Giggles just laughed.

whats so funny?


Squeak shrugged. then attacked giggles with three skittles too the head. the girls went running down the hall having a major skittle war. giggles hit squeak in the chest wit a skittle and she fell too floor pretending too be dead. as the girls continued the evil mr. reid came by and caught them red handed skipping.

But instead of him getting them in time for a detention they bolted down the opposet hall and away before he could catch them and hand out some punishment.

Later in the day giggles and squeak had several classes together. Watch it Brick! giggles snapped as she wrestled with her crush too get her camera back. Brick was wearing squeak's shirt and stealing all of the girls candy. Brick and giggles shut the hell up! squeak yelled flipping through giggles ipod touch. it was the final period of the day and the teacher was no longer in the room. she had too leav the class for the final minutes of class and boy was everyone enjoying it.

Giggles finally got her camera back but squeak didnt want her shirt, not that brick now had it. burn it i dont care! she snapped at him. i dont want a girly shirt! he fussed back.

Too bad! giggles and squeak chimed together. Ring!!! the bell rang and everyone piled out of the rooms. Down at the bus stop everyone was loud running around and goofing off. especially giggles and squeak.

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Comment by Stormy Slaughter on July 15, 2010 at 10:08pm
i luvs u too and i already told someone, lolz
Comment by Bella Rene' Black on July 14, 2010 at 5:01am
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! brick would be heated if he found owt we told abt his girly shirt experience squeakerz :D luv yah boo boo :)
*luv ur giggle~box* hehehaha

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