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Starri and Shawn Chap 2: fanfic 4 the host

Greetings all bloggers! heres the next chap in my so...pls read!


Okay, lets get this straight. I am not Shawn's mom. I was freaking fourteen when i found him! but he was still my baby. Shawn knew i wasn't his biological mother too, but he still called me mama.

"You want something to eat? i got you favorite," I offered Shawn. God knew i was starved. he grinned with his grubby little face and and shook his head yes. that was my baby. And i loved him.

I got out what was left from the Stop n' Shop. luckily, i'd learned how to act "normal" around souls. that way, i got stuff from stores instead of drinking cactus juice or something. but i couldn't risk getting caught right then, so our supplies were dwindling. i sat down in the shade of a huge mountain and pulled out some water and chocolate chip cookies. like i said, we didn't have much.

After we ate, i suddenly felt energized. dont ask me why but i just wanted to climb something and be up high. the mountain was the only thing in sight so...i gathered up Shawn and set off. sometimes i would want to climb a tree the same way. i would put Shawn on my back and tie a rope around us in case he fell asleep or something.

it wasn't really that hard. it was like someone carved steps all around it. i got to the top in less than an hour and untied Shawn. i held him up in the air and spun him around. shawn giggled."Woo! how'd you like that shawn?" i was so excited. i felt like the train that could. i know, i'm a dork.

Suddenly, the ground around us started to crack. Before either of us could figure out what was happening, we were falling through the air.

there you go, hope youlike it! please comment!


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