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"Ahh!" shawn and i were screaming at the top of our lungs, as if that would help.

when the ground crumbled, shawn fell from my grasp. my frantic hands found him and a ledge at the same time. shawn was still yelling and was squirming so hard i felt him slipping. my pinky fell off of his shirt.

"Shawn stay still!" i tried calming him down. i couldn't hold on much longer. i strained as hard as i could and my arms were screaming with pain. "Stop i- shawn!" he fell and was plumeting to the ground below. i made a split-second decision and let go of the ledge. tears flooded my eyes at the thought of him dying at only two. the ground came to me as a blur and i couldnt see shawn anymore. there seemed to be...people? was i already dead? "catch him!"

as soon as i saw the purple-colored dirt, big hands caught me. God? i tried to orient myself and felt my knees hit the ground. nope. not dead yet.

"What the..." the voice of the person that caught me suddenly dropped me to the floor. "seeker! its been spying on us!" what? these were souls? they shouldnt be afraid of seekers. i finally looked up. this guy had an enraged look on his face and a broken nose. a small woman clinged to his side and looked frightened. stupid souls.

someone, no, a lot of someones were crowded around the one who'd caught me. another man who looked just like him with a straight nose held shawn in his arms. "uh, kyle?" he said looking from me to shawn.

"mama!" my baby shouted, reaching for me. i shot to my feet and raced over to him, almost butting my head against a girl's. i grabbed his hands and tried to jerk him free. the big man was stronger, though and pulled him out of my reach.

"Who are you and what are you doing here?" he almost growled. i kicked him in the shin the same time shawn kicked his elbow and i caught shawn when he fell. i didn't know what to do.

so i ran right through them football style. it was easy. they were still in shock. i ran through the doorway into a dark tunnel with shawn hollering over my shoulder, "He's mine you body-snatchers!"

i didnt know what to do, so i ran...

C'mon people...


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