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You mite not comment, but I'm still blogging.


I heard yelling and screaming behind me. What was wrong with these souls? theyre not supposed to argue. And what are they doing in the middle of a freaking desert? oh well, i thought, doesn't matter now. theyll still try to take my baby.

Shawn kept crying and tried to hide it by burying his face into my shirt. i was crying too, but silently. Neither of us wanted to show weakness. what if we got caught? shawn would face the same fate i tried to save him from barely two months ago.

i kept running through the dark tunnels. where was the way out of here? then i saw light coming from around a corner. Yes! i picked up the pace and zipped toward the light.

it turned out to be another room. it was full cots and had a desk made out of two crates and an aluminum door. Okaay. then my stomach clenched as i realized where i was. a hospital. where they do insertions. there they were. some occupied cryotanks ready to be opened.

the man at the desk raised his head. his eyes widened in astonishment. "uh-ah-hello?" he stammered, confused. I turned and hurried to find an exit.

as i turned around a bend i ran into someone ( :) Molly!). it was a boy, just taller than me but probably my age. i fell on my back the same time he said, "oof!"

he stood up and offered his hand. "Sorry Wan..." the boy's smile faded when he saw i wasnt one of his worm friends and was replaced by fear. "jared!"

the sound of pounding footsteps came from behind and i tried to shove past the kid. a hand grabbed the collar of my shirt and i was hauled into the air. "not so fast, bug."

Bug? did he seriously call me one of them? then why am i being air lifted? i kicked my legs uselessly and cursed my tears. "Let. me. go!"

instead of listening, his fist came toward my face. i squinched my eyes shut, but he didn't hit me. a rasberry-smelling mist surrounded shawn's and my face.

Everything was fading and i didnt squirm any more.

oh no.

OOOO. so suspenseful...but u wont read anyway so...ok bye.


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