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God u peoople musst dead. Here goes...


When i woke up, i saw that i was in one of the little beds in the hospital room Mama found. in another cot next to me, she was still asleep. she still had her rugged backpack on. i thought of the pistol she kept in there and shuddered. it gave me the creeps.

i looked around. there were a lot of people here. the two that caught mama and me, a short golden-haired girl that didnt look very old but twenty at the same time, another short woman with olive skin and black hair, the one they called jared was holding a tall woman with tan skin, and a boy that looked just like her. the one we ran into. there was also an old man holding a rifle in his hands. i quickly looked away. the man at the desk was standing on the other side of mama. they all looked...worried. about what?

i jumped off the cot and scuttled over to mama. no one tried to stop me. i tried to pull myself up onto her bed but it was too high. the golden-haired one came over and reached for me even though the one who caught me said, "no, wanda."

i dove under mama's cot and she ducked down to look at me. "Whats your name little guy?" she asked in a sweet voice. "You want your mommy?"

i stared back at her, horrified. how could she talk to him?

"Come on," another person, a man, said and the doctor bent down. He grabbed me around the waist and pulled me out from under the cot. i flailed and kicked him in the chest. "Feisty little fella aren't you?"

"No!" i screamed and kicked some more. it worked. he put me down beside mama and i flung my arms around her neck. "Mama."

She stirred and opened her eyes. "Shawn?" Mama sat up and cradled me in her arms. usually i would push away, but i didnt. she eyed the room and took in every face. "what did u do to us? dont tell me you just didnt feel up to it, did you?" that was mama, she always had a comeback. and yes, i was two and understood sarcasm.

"Now, just settle down now," the old man tried to soothe her. "Lets just talk right now."

The one who caught mama started speaking, "Yeah, we're one of you. See?" He took a flashlight and shined it in his eyes. if they were a soul, his eyes would have glowed, but his stayed the same. They were human. The olive-skinned girl at his side whimpered and he pulled her closer.

"Can we see whats in your bag?" the doctor asked and put his hand out towards us. "We like to share our rations."

"Uh-huh. And i bet you want to know what else is in it too." She took one of her hands and grabbed a strap of the pack. "Not a chance. But ill give you some cookies if thats what you want. How bout you shawn?" i shook my head. i couldnt eat anything.

"Ok then, looks like we can go," mama continued. she slid off the bed and started for te door. jared caught her arm.

"I dont think so."

"Well i do." Mama stomped on his foot and we ran through the door.

Someone started after us but the old man said, "Let em go." so we ran through the room we'd fallen in, through a field of corn, and into a dark room with no light. it was empty. "We can rest here until we find the exit. just rest up."

And i did just that. For a little while...


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