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We all know that Stephenie was supposed to write 'Midnight Sun', but after it illegally got posted to the internet she said she'd have to change the story. I recently did some research and Stephenie ISN'T going to finnish the book D= ! She said she wants to stop writing about vampires, and quit writing. She said writing the Saga was life changing. But thanks to Stephenie, who would've wrote about a vampire in a volvo or a teenager changing into a werewolf? If it weren't for her, we wouldn't have ever meet Edward Cullen and the rest of the Vampires, Jacob Black and his pack, Bella, but best of all Renesmee. Stephenie really turned the world into a Twilight Obsession :). Thanks Stephenie for a supernatural world that doesn't exsist, but lives in our imagination forever.

~Italian Vampire~ Baci a tutti!

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