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Okay, I've been reading Midnight Sun on Stephenie Meyer's website. Whoever distributed it, I now despise---that story is INCREDIBLE and AMAZING and UNBELIEVABLE and TWILIT---that's all I can use to describe it!

Seriously, Miss Meyer, everybody doesn't just want it, they need it. Midnight Sun is the best thing that's ever happened since Twilight---not just to the world, but to me. I know I sound corny, but your series has given me something to dream about and really love. Everybody wants to know about how Edward views Bella, how she first came into his mind. It doesn't matter that people have already read some of it before it came out, because we just want to know Edward. Everybody wants to know what he was thinking in the meadow that day, at the baseball game, and, especially, how he felt when he saw Bella, unconscious and bloody, being slaughtered by an alien vampire, right before his very eyes.

All we've gotten is a taste. You can picture us as vampires, if it helps: and we're not Cullens. We're not vegetarians at all. We need to get the whole of it, we can't stop, and we wouldn't have the sanity to try. We've all become vampires in our own minds, and we're being starved now. As the saying on all the ads says: "Sink your teeth into Twilight!" Well, we did, and now we can't pull away. We're addicts. We're Twiaholics. We're just plain die-hard Twi-Hards.

Miss Meyer, we all love you. You know we do. And we understand your pain.

But, as a writer myself, I know that writing is my personal heaven. It can heal any wound, lighten every load, calm every storm, part choppy waters...well, bottom line: maybe finishing Midnight Sun would heal you, too.

We may not feel the same pain as you, but we are hurting. We're hurting because we want to see it all through the eyes of the entire other half of this story...and, you know, it isn't really a story anymore. Twilight has become the life of millions---I'm serious when I say that my entire existence is surrounded by Twilight. We're all vampires now. We're all Cullens at heart. Twilight is our blood---we need it all to keep it going.

It was wrong for that person to do this to you. We're all in pain with you, Miss Meyer. We resent this whole thing...but we love you too much to just drop Twilight and move on. We want more.

We want Midnight Sun! We want Midnight Sun! We want Midnight Sun!

And I think I'm not the only one reciting this chant.

Please, Miss Meyer. We all need this. We love you, we love Edward, we love Bella...we love you all. We need you.

Rock on, Steph.


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