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story ideas!!!!!!!!!!!! :D vote on which ones best!!!

these are some of the stories i want to write :D i will add more as i think of them :) i am also writing a series i consider the "star" series. my first book Shooting star is finished and up on the site. i am now working on one called Broken Star. :D i think that everyone should vote which one they would like to read the most and after i finish the book CHANGED that i am working on, i will start the next one! :D

1.Vampire Shots
A girl named ___________ gets bit by a vampire in the 1700's. after awhile she decides to open a bar called "The Vampire Bar" she runs it for awhile. Humans and Vampires come here. she is the one who invented the original "Bloody Mary". she gives regular drinks to humans. but when other vamps come in she makes them special drinks with human blood in them. eventually she gets a body guard named Felix. they become best friends. but then the Volturi come along and ask if they would like to be part of their coven. Felix agrees but she refuses. she continues to run her bar when she comes across an odd girl who seems different. not vampire, or human. when the Volturi take intrest in this girl she is not about to loose another friend to them. but will her friends secret be enough to stop the entire guard?

2.Sisters (not a vampire story *fiction*)
three girls have lived their entire lives without meeting eachother. then on their 16th birthdays ( all on the same day) they have their parties in the same building. they end up meeting eachother and realizing that they are way more than regular teenage girls. and that they are connected to eachother in supernatural ways. then have to learn how to use their newly found abilities that they can only use when they are together. once they find out about their new lives they need to find the others that are like them to defeat evil and not only save their families... but the world.

three friends decide that they would go on a road trip for march break. through unexplained circumstances they end up in Forks. all three of them meet the loves of their lives. wether its a vampire or werewolf. when the Volturi finds out they know about the secret world of vampires and make belief, they have to make decisions that will change their forevers with their loves. will it be love? eternity? or war?

4.The Soul Spirit (not a vampire story *sci-fi*)
a girl named April is pretty normal. until she has this dream about a ghost named Cristy. turns out April is a very very very specail medium. her and Cristy (her soul guide or spirit guide whatever) try to get rid of the soul eaters that eat the spirit guides of other peoples souls. they can also be considered a demon. while all this is happening April has to keep herself together enough to not give away her secret and be sent to an esylem for people thinking she is insane. and when she tells some of her closest friends bad things start to happen at double time...

5. Hollows High
Alexandria (Alex) leads a completely normal life... or... until she gets kidnapped. unfortunatly her kidnapper kills her violently before anyone can save her. but to her surprise she comes back to life. when she awakes she sees the face of an old elder beautiful women. this lady explains that she is a witch. and that Alex is in a extremely specail school called Hollows High (hense the name) at hollows high the students are anything but normal. from Vampires and Ghosts. to Werewolves and witches in training. as it turns out Alex got transportated to the Hollows of the earth. were the fabric of reality is thin between imaginary and real. the real kicker is Alex turns out to be one of the only three ZOMBIES in the world... or well... in the Hollows. her and her two other zombie friends go about Hollows high as par usual (if being a zombie in a school filled with creatures from your worst nightmares is usual than Alex is losing her undead mind) what completely confuses her is that it is roughly the outline of a highschool. with all the drama, crushes, heartbreak, and much much MUCH more dangerous. of course... if you have already died once... why is it so hard to avoid dying again?

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Comment by Tris on June 28, 2009 at 11:05pm
lol! i guess thats
Vampire Shots 2
The Soul Spirit 3
and IMPRINT i am automatically doing :D
Comment by Anna on June 24, 2009 at 7:30pm
i want you to do the soul spirit.
Comment by Anna on June 24, 2009 at 7:29pm
Comment by Tris on June 23, 2009 at 8:04pm
that is 2 for vampire shots, 2 for the soul spirit, and i am writing IMPRINT regardless :)
Comment by NIKOLETA on June 23, 2009 at 2:52pm
OMG!!!!!!!i read all your plotes....
and loved them...
just start until u write them all...
but start with "the soul spirit"
and "imprint"
CANT WAIT................KISSES LOL
Comment by Tris on June 21, 2009 at 9:29pm
lol! ok. so i guess its 2 for *Vampire Shots* and 1 for *The Soul Spirit* :P i am writing *IMPIRNT* regardless of this vote. i just cant let go of Raquelle and Seth yet :P
Comment by Lily Marie on June 21, 2009 at 9:21pm
I think you should do all of them!! lol :) I vote vampire shots. But, I would also like to read a story that you totally created. Soooo i also vote for the Soul Spirit. I don't care if i get two votes or not. I still vote twice. <3
Comment by Tris on June 15, 2009 at 6:49pm
i personaly want to write Vampire Shots :) i have major plans for it :P

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