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                        Subject or Escape

                     I'm not here to be your laughing stock,I'm here for i have the guts to stand here in front of you,here in this very center-be the center of your distraction but i guess you wouldn't even ask me, why? what are doing? or hey are insane? just stroll around that's what suits you.......





                               your bullying me because you want to escape in the reality=for your being bullied by the people around you,and you punish others for you to take your revenge but can't you understand your the one who create demons in your world you bring them,to come in to your life


                    there's no day that no one discriminate us or even underestimate us,,for ur surrounded by different people in different attitudes. etc....




                             just live freely to do what you want but don't hurt other people for you to be contended.......................




(let me clarify this whole thing,i didn't experience being bullied by other's. i just want them to conquer their fears for in the end their only the one who can defeat the cruelty of the society around them.)

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Comment by Rezac Kg on July 28, 2012 at 11:41am

Hello Twilight fans! I have great news for you. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 movie is leaked! I downloaded it and watched it :D Someone from production house leaked it to public,but now,only place where you can get it is:  I suggest you to get it,if you are true Twilight fan! If you are not,then ignore this ;) Movie is beautiful!

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