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(Beware: this story is very, very sad and will make you shed at least six tears.)


(Listen to Marsha Ambrosius's "Far Away" while reading. It makes it even sadder.)




Such a beautiful thing, that moon.

I could stare at it for days.

Such a beautiful thing, that moon.

But it doesn't feel the same...


Valerie tried not to cry, but the poem she'd just written made her feel terribly sad. She had broken up with her boyfriend Jackson just a day ago and he was gone now, gone from her heart, gone from her life. Was it right to feel so terribly heartbroken? Or was she just skulking over a measure of the past that was never going to return?

Valerie's fangs shrank back into her gums. She wasn't going to drink this night; her heart wasn't healed enough to accept the strength of the blood. She was a junior vampire; she could go longer without blood that could regular vampires.

Sometimes that was a bad thing.

Alex stepped in the room and her heart leaped marginally, but the pain over Jackson was unsalable. She kissed the pillow beside her bed and gave Alex a hug. Alex was her brother. He would help her heal the pain. 

But the wounds were rent deeply in her heart, in the very epicenter of her soul, and this time stitches and healing just may not be possible.



Such a beautiful thing, that sun.

It brightens and lifts your soul.

Such a beautiful thing, that sun.

It's what makes me whole.


"You're gay?" The homophobe before Jackson growled. He hated gays. Jackson prepared himself to be killed by the vampire; gay meant death in vampire society.

The first blow sent spasms of pain up his chest. A tear dripped from his eye as he thought about Valerie. Phantom strength filled him. He wasn't gay; he was bisexual. 

Still. The homophobe didn't like any type of other sexuality except straight. 

Blow after blow wounded Jackson's soul.

Valerie had walked out of his life. Without a backward glance. She'd wounded his soul even more than did this- the continuous rejection of his sexuality by vampires. Sexuality shouldn't matter. Who you are on the inside should.

I love you, Val. He thought just before the bleeding began.

Continuously he was shoved into the rock. Eventually the vampire snorted and sneered, "C'mon, Lenny, I don't even respect him enough to put him out of his misery." The two vampires walked away from him.

Slowly he made his way home.

Jackson couldn't take it anymore. He held the knife in his hand, ready to end his life. Tears dripped from his face, but he wiped them bravely, thinking that there was no use for last-minute weeping, pointless tears. He shoved the knife directly through his heart.



Such a sad thing, that death.

They'd done things that made him cry...

But just because he was part gay?

Why? Why? WHY?


She knew he was dead before his spirit passed on to the next realm. He didn't go to Hell because he had never sinned in his life, other than ending his life. He went to Heaven. And in that realm, the boy who had been touched by such pain and grief simply for his sexuality knew what it was to be perfectly happy.

Valerie broke down and cried over his bloody body. She'd rushed to his house with her vampire speed, and had seen his death. The police promised to care for him.

At his funeral pyre, Valerie looked down on the burning body of the boy she loved, saw the peace in his eyes, bent down, and wept.


I can't stand bullies. I lost a cousin of mine to suicide because he was being teased about his sexuality. That is so horrible. Please don't stand for gay bullying.


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Comment by Cole Cullen on October 2, 2011 at 12:41pm
thank you so much for everyone who read this. i love you, and i miss my cousin.
Comment by Jennifer Leigh Black on August 21, 2011 at 10:45pm
I am with you all the way to the end. gays and lez's should be treadted with equal amounts of everything cause god loves us all no matter the way we have choosen our sexual preferances. I am with you about this heartbreaking subject. this was a beautiful story in a sad heartbreaking way. I am also sorry for your loss, as i have had a loss to a family member who choose suicide because of all the bullying that she had endured and the she also was abused for her choose in sexuality by horrible neighboors. I am sorry for your loss.

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