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This summer I had expected several changes both good and bad and all my good has a down fall and all my bad has a worst this summer I have done through alot I have a boyfriend of 9 months who I love very much but he has just began high school while I am finishing my last year of middle school I haven't seen my boyfriend all Summer because of our families and I've spent nights crying because I miss him so much then there is my family conflicts my sister who is like my best friend comes out and tells me she goes for both teams(gay) I am ok with this but she hasn't told my parents an at the verge of being kicked out of the house due to her suspishues behavior and I can't sY anything because she wants to tell them herself also I have the stress of my families expectatIons for me are high but this because they think "I'm bright" so they have me in club soccer Audi the explorers program fir cops then they want me to help at 2 out of the 5 family business being a assistant and helping with buissnes deals and to make it more stress I can't do anything rely to please myself I can't be with my boyfriend I can't stop what they have me ini really have no say and then my godfather thinks I have to much stress so he said I should consider home school but then that feels like even more stress and he wants me to consider moving which I dint wantto do because I don't want to leave my boyfriend so summer has changed fir the worst right now and I hope it will get better before school starts

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Comment by Brookie on August 19, 2010 at 11:55pm
just tell your parents its 2 stressful and u dont want 2 do all that stuff

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