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dear diary,
As it is the new year i have decided to keep a diary to keep all my valuable memories. Michael, jake and stefan were so nice to mee. when i told michael, jake and stefan what happened at the park with leasley and what leasley is realy like the went mad, i couldnt belive that they actuly teamed up to beat him up but i magaged to make then not beat him up he wasnt worth it. leasley is now trying to work his charm on amber. amber knows what he is like and is going along with it untill he tries to kiss her or does even worse things. the new years dance is tonight and Michael asked me to go with him so i said yes. amber is going with leasley. me , brianna and amber picked our dresses for tonight, im going to be in a green dress, and amber and brianna are going to be in a black one. i cant wait for tonight. it wil be sooo awesome.i have about 3 hours to get dressed. oh amber and brianna just came in the dorm. they said michael wants a quick word with me. better go and se what he wants.

Michael wanted to make sure i was ok and to make sure i go no were near the doors tonight. there was an attack in our school and a girl called lucy got badly hurt. she can shapeshift into aanything. she was betending to be me and tried to show off to her friends, the demon and reaper coven tried to kill her....well there actuly after me because im a threat to them with my powers becoming the most powerfull in the world. i didnt exactly want this life i didnt ask for it to happen. the demon and reaper coven killed all my family due to me. so now i made my family get killed and lucy get hurt. anyway im at the dance now. michael looks hawt. stefan and jake are a bit peed at michael. they keep giving him looks and wen they see that im looking there way they simply smile then come over and tell me im looking beautiful im my dress. and then talk normal to me when michael stands beside me they simply walk away. Amber seems to be getting more closer to leasley and its getting realy anoying beacuse i warned her about him but she never listens.
oh i need to go stefan is looking for me. i wonder what he wants.

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