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SUNSET a book from Alice Cullen's POV


Renesme is now about 5 but looks maybe 16. The cullens decide to enroll Nessie in school with the rest of the family. They enroll everyone into La Push High with Jacob. But when they are not excepted by a different wolfpack at the school. What will they do and who will Jake agree with?


I never thought it would turn out this way. I thought this happiness would last forever, but I was wrong. Everyone is affected by the disapiontment. But, I must stay strong for the family! I can not let myself be negative like my close friends. I will stay and be stong. Forever.

Chapter 1 La Push

I did not agree with BELLA'S choice. Let me repeat. BELLA'S choice. Edward supported her decision, but me no way i would agree. For Nessie's sake I came along though. Poor me.

We walked into La Push High on the first day. "Isn't it kind of nice to be back at school?" edward asked me. "No." I said flatly. "I think it is." edward said. "But you HATE jacob!" I scowled. " He makes my daughter happy, so naturally I'm happy." edward admitted. My mouth fell open. " That girl over there smells really freakin' good!" bella said squeazing edwards hand really hard. Bella was pionting at this girl with blond hair and huge green eyes. "No she doesn't." edward said cringing at bella.Jasper just stood really still looking back and forth at the humans. "It's okay." I said. "THIS IS SOO FREAKIN' AWSOME ROSE!" emmett boomed. "SHUT UP!" rosalie yelled smacking him on the arm. "Where's Jake?" Nessie asked bella. "No idea." Bella answered. "He's over there." edward said. "JAKE!" nessie said jumping over to him. "hi." jake said. A really tall guy and super short boy with glasses were standing next to him. "Who are your friends?" Nessie asked. "This is Noel." He said pionting to the short kid. "And this is Kyle." he said gesturing to the tall one. "Nice to meet you!" Nessie said shaking their hands. The two boys were silent. " Umm... Let's walk to class." Jake said pulling Nessie along to Math. "what was that all about?" Jasper asked me confused. "I'm not sure." I said.

In Spanish I already knew EVERYTHING. It was soooooooooo boring. Rosalie handed me a bottle of pink nail polish. "Thanks." I mouthed. "Your welcome." Rose mouthed back. I applied it to my nails slowly. " BRINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!" the bell screamed. I only had one hand painted. I painted the rest of the fingers super fast and collected mt books.

At lunch we sat at a table near the window. "Hi." Jake said sitting down next to nessie. He looked back at his friends who were giving him dirty looks. Jake started scarfing down food. We just stared at the "edible" objects on the table. "Want some Ness?" Jake asked her trying to be polite. She rolled her eyes. Then bella and edward looked at eachother like some memory came from Nessie and Jake's small talk.Once again everything was perfect, for now.

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Comment by XX nessie cullen XX on November 15, 2009 at 9:09pm
u need to tell who is telling the story
Comment by corky530 on June 21, 2009 at 9:55am
chapter 3 no

"Edward no!" Bella screached peeling the angry man off the two dogs. Jasper and Emmett brought edward outside to calm down. "Us or them." I said giving jake an easy choice. "them and nessie." He chose. " 'Us' includes nessie!" I said. Jake looked around the room and bit his lip. "them." he replied. And, at that we went home. "I *sniff* can't * sniff* believe * sniff* HIM!" Nessie cried in her father's arms. "I gonna beat the crap out of that boy!" edward said giving nessie over to bella and clenching his fists. "Oh No Your Not!!!" bella said giving nessie to edward. "But-" Emmett said. "No if's and's or but's!" Bella said and stomped to her cottage.

All night nessie was crying. Eventually Emmett went to calm her down "SHUT UP!" he yelled then came back home. he didn't do a very good job. "We should switch schools." Jasper said. "You should go calm her down" I said. "Good idea." jazz said leaving to go help nessie. THen i was all alone.
Comment by corky530 on June 17, 2009 at 7:49pm
Chapter 2 the change

When jake saw nessie the next day at school he turned and walked away. "Wait!" Nessie said. Even though he heard her he didn't turn around. "What's wrong with Jake?" Bella asked. "I don't know he won't talk to me!" Nessie said very upset. "HE WON'T TALK TO YOU!!!!" edward said very tense. Edward hurried down the hall with his books to jake. jake started running, but he couldn't get away because edward lunged ontop of him punching him. "GET OFF ME YOU LEECH!" jake screached. "IF YOU EVER IGNORE NESSIE AGAIN I SWARE-" but before edward could finish the principal stopped the fight. " Mr. Black and Mr. Cullen in my office now!" the principal screached at the boys.

We were now outside the princibals office listening. "you both have one day suspension!" the princibal said. "BUT!" jake said. "no buts!" the teacher said. Edward just stood there frozen. "your dismised." the princibal said. the boys walked out. When jake saw nessie once again he ran away. "Let's go home." I said. "Yes let's." Jasper said.

When we got home edward and bella went to their little house. Nessie followed too upset to speak.

The next day was saturday so we went to jakes house. "GET OVER HERE AND TALK TO US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed as i bursted into his room. "What?" jake said. His two frinds were with him. "What are the leaches doing here?" kyle asked. "WHAT DID YOU TELL THEM?" I shreaked at jacob. "Don't worry there wolves!" jake said. "oh." I said. "WHY WON"T YOU MONGREL TALK TO NESSIE?!?!?" Edward said running over to jake. "Don't beat me up!" jake said backing away. "that was not the answer i was looking for!" edward said annoyed. "Okay! My friends don't aprove of her!" jake said. "That's the only reason!" edward said then lunged for jakes friends.
Comment by Nicole Elise Childress on June 17, 2009 at 2:37pm
omg tht sounds u know where i can

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