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Sure. My top New Moon moments I can't wait to see.

I've been seeing it on blogs all over the web: "Top Ten New Moon Moments," "My Top Five," "I Can't Wait For These Scenes..." So I figured I would make my own. I'm not going to go ahead and title it with a number because I really don't know how long this is going to be. It won't be organized at all, so I'll just hash out the things that I want to see in the New Moon movie in November. Here goes!

Okay, so I guess I'll go over my absolute favorite parts in the book (and I'll try to keep them in order):

1. When Edward leaves. All right, not the happiest moment, but I love the emotion. I don't think we'll see that intensity with the actors that have been cast because they seem to lack deep emotion when it comes to these types of parts. But whatever. Those of us that have read the books multiple times don't need the actors' faces to feel the depth that Stephenie portrayed in the book. So that's why I'm excited. Also, because I know all those little girls in the theater are going to scream and cry when he finally does leave. Muahaha, that'll be great.

2. When Bella hears Edward's voice as a hallucination for the first time. Anyone who's read the books knows how they felt when that velvet voice broke through Bella's cloudy mind. I just hope that the voice is an actual voice and not anything visual. Because you know that the movie-makers are thinking it's going to be a bad thing to have Rob Pattinson's precious face not dominating every second of screen time they have. I don't mind, personally, but all the little girls do. However, since a good chunk of the book lacks any involvement of Edward's, I fear the movie will try to find ways to remedy that. The worst thing the movie could do would be to have Rob's floating face appear in front of Bella's eyes saying her name or some crap like that. Ha! I can just see it. Gag. But, hopefully, that part will be worth watching because everyone loves when Bella goes quasi-crazy and hallucinates. =]

3. When Bella sees Laurent. Again, a pivotal part in the book that elicites great emotion in the readers. Finally, a vampire! That's the feeling I want to have when I see that part. And we know that the movie didn't leave Laurent out because of the super-amazing trailer (which I will comment on later). Also, we get to see the wolves in this part. Yay!

4. When Bella jumps off the cliff. They had better do that well. I don't doubt that they will, though. This time they get to show Rob's pretty face in Bella's last moments and it won't even be going against the book. I think with the higher budget, though, they'll be able to do a really good job of making her drown and actually jump off the cliff. I think it will look really cool.

5. When Alice comes back! Okay, I'm super excited for this part not only because I am a huge Alice fan, but also because we finally get to see a Cullen. And it's not Rob, which is a plus. (If you haven't caught on, I'm not exactly Rob Pattinson's biggest fan. I won't associate him with the Edward in my head.) Anyway, this part is extremely important because we have the whole mix-up with Edward thinking that Bella is dead and Jacob giving out controversial information that leads to the ultimate climax. I can't wait.

6. THE PORSCHE. The little fangirls may faint when they see dear Robert's face, but I will be screaming when that yellow beauty comes on screen for the first time. And then with Ashley Greene behind the is going to be awesome. I want to see that thing SPEED down the streets of Volterra. The total spin-out with the Volvo was sweet in Twilight, but this 911 Turbo had better blow all that out of the water.

7. When Bella sees Edward for the first time. Best part of the book, in my opinion. She sees him across the square in Volterra about to step out into the sunlight. Oh, it will be great. And then, they absolutely must have the part where she knocks into him and he thinks he's died and gone to heaven. If they do not, heads are going to roll.

8. The Volturi. Words almost cannot describe how excited I am to see Dakota Fanning and the rest of the crew playing those underground vampires. First of all, Dakota will be amazing as Jane. I can totally see it, and I love what I see. I'm not sure how the rest of the cast will work out as Aro, Caius, or Marcus especially, but I have faith in Chris Weitz after seeing the trailer.

Well, that's all that I really care to see involving actual parts from the book.
Some other little bits of awesomeness that I would enjoy seeing the movie, though, are the following:

1. Lots of shape-shifting. The second we got to see in the trailer was just plain awesome, and so I expect that we see at least two more shifts throughout the movie. That animation is just too cool to limit to only one part.

2. Taylor Lautner. With his shirt off. A lot. By any means, I am not, nor ever was I, a Jacob fan. But I am a die-hard Taylor fan because he is just the perfect Jacob! And he is so freakin' good-looking. So they'd better spend a sufficient amount of big-screen time showing off a half-naked Taylor Lautner. Because I don't mind at all.

3. Some emotion. Please. I'll let it slide for Bella's blue period when she completely lacks emotion even in the book, but there are no excuses for the important, major emotional parts that we know we'll be seeing. I want to see at least one genuine smile from Kristin Stewart because even though it's a depressing story, she's happy at least a little bit. And I will not come away from this movie with the feeling that Bella can't sense emotion at all. Because I know that's what the people who've never read the books think. Yeah, newsflash, Bella actually feels! Edward, too, but I'm not too sure about Rob Pattinson. Anyway, some facial expressions, and, I don't know, some voice inflictions would be nice to see once in a while.

So, I think I've pretty much touched on everything that I ideally expect from the New Moon movie.
I'll take a second to give my review of the trailer in a concise form:

I really liked it. It restored my faith in Chris Weitz and some of the cast. The shape-shifting was by far the coolest part of the whole thing, but also you can tell that the quick fight between Edward and Jasper seems pretty neat, too. Kristin and Rob kind of confirmed my fears that, like Twilight, their performances will end up being rather emotionless, but I can live with that. Overall, I can't wait to see the movie.
And, also, I so want the soundtrack to come out! I loved Twilight's, and even though Paramore has said they don't want to be in New Moon, I'm sure the music will be amazing again. Okay, that's all. If you actually got through this thing, give me your feedback, please. =]

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Comment by Mary on June 13, 2009 at 3:10pm
Wow hannah. This is great. I actually agree with just about everything that you said on here and I really like the use of the word, fangirls, in here also. And yes, they all really need to show some emotion and they had better not just cut out vital scenes like they did sometimes in Twilight. AND they should def put a random scene of Edward and Bella kissing and we can yell, "Where are your pants!" Yes, we better be able to do that. :) Yay.

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