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I'm a Team Edward Girl!!! Edward is so unselfish...He truely loves Bella and would do anything for her...I like him so much because he is a many guys do you know that opens the door for you and stops and vampire from killinh you?!?! lol he is awesome...hes a wonderful father to nessie and he loves her just as much as his wife...I think that it's sweet and honest that he wants to save his and Bella's "virtue". How many guys can honestly say that they care about their virtue or they're girlfriend for that matter...I love him. I wish it really could be guys out there like him...

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I don't like Jacob because he is so young and plays so many games to try and win Bella over..I hate how he kissed her without her permission and just played on her emotions to get her...Of course it didn't work...Sorry Jake but you didnt get the girl...Oh yea I hate that he imprinted Nessie...

So I'm team Edward ALL THE WAY!!

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Comment by JessicaRoseCullen-Black~♥♥♥ on August 4, 2009 at 8:03pm
haha! i luv it!!!!!!!! we r 2 team edward chicas! sry jake. just cuz ur hot in new moon, tht dont mean a thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol. luv ya edward

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