The Twilight Saga

Team Edward, Or Team Jacob?

J)He's a Werewolf- Always Cool E)He's A Vamp- Also Always Cool
J)Good Guy E)Good/Bad Guy
J)Doesn't eat Human Flesh(or drink their blood) E)Only drinks human blood when necessary, relies on animals to live
J)Almost falls for Leah E)No self control
J)Imprints on Rennessmee E)Will do anything for the love of his life, Bella
J)Buff, no drugs/smokes E)Strong, fast, Telepathic, smokes(In real Life)

Can You Think Of Any Other Facts For These Teams? If So, Comment Them On My Blog Or With The Comment Box

Anyone who has a problem with my blog, don't read it....
Simple as that.........

Rennessmee Black

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