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I am TEAM EDWARD!!!!!!! cause, well if u look on my page and look at team edward or team jacob. almost everytime at lunch, me and my friends argue about why, why,why and it almost sumthimes gets alittle out of hand. so one day, at lunch, when it was pretty much the begining of all of it. i said well jacob is pretty hot (dont get me wrong). and so my friend took it as im am now team jacob. ohh no, this is were everything is going to go wrong. and so just she sais, what? he is not how dare u say that. and i thought she was joking for a sec, but then when i saw her again at dance and then i found out that she told everyone and then everyone was like, what??? and i was like, no i am not i just said he is kinda good looking(LOL) and then i went over to her and gave her a good talk, but she didnt really listen. and then the next day. some how. almost all the school hear about it. but obvesly not every1 cared. so. that rumor is stil going around. so, if u and ur friends are talking about twilight and the different teams, dont joke, unless u know they really wont care. ill keep u updated. any advise. make a comment please. thx


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