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Team Jacob Logo Contest (And Other Great Things To Read)

Hi Team Jacobers!!! How is everyone? I have a few great things to talk about!

1) As many of you might have read in the Team Jacob Group discussions, there is a Team Jacob Logo Contest going on. The best logo (chosen by me) will be featured as the group profile pic in the Team Jacob Group. I will also post a few honorable mentions for everyone to view. There are a few guidelines though: 1. Your logo can only be your own. That means: no copyrighted photos or any other photos not taken by you can be used. 2. You cannot take another person's fan art and use it as your own. Everything you submit has to be your own!!!

The deadline to submit your logo (or logos) is August 2nd at 11:59 pm. This is on a Monday and should give everyone all of 3 weeks to design and submit their logo. When you are ready to submit, you can just post your logo to my (the Official Team Jacob Captain) page. I will be notified when you post it to my page so don't worry about me looking over it.

2) Also, we are going to start a Summer Reading Club. I will choose a book about every 2 weeks for everyone to read. After about the first week we will start discussing the book. I will start a discussion (with the title of the chosen book as the title of the discussion) in the Team Jacob Group.

This week I have chosen the book Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce.

Feel free to offer me any book suggestions!


Mandy (Official Team Jacob Captain)

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Comment by Kerra June Snow on September 17, 2010 at 2:33am
i would have to agree with katelyn, i have read all the house of night books, they are by p.c. cast and kristin cast. they are great books and they keep you reading, just as the twilight books did. I read all four twilight saga books in under a week, and the seven or eight house of night books in under two weeks.
Comment by Katelyn Wilson on August 13, 2010 at 8:13pm
I would definately reccomend ''The House of Night'' series it is a vampire series by.. I do not remember...
Comment by C.D. <3's J.B. on August 7, 2010 at 8:53pm
I would recommend the book Evermore. It's really good and I fell in love with it like I did with Twilight........
Ages 12-16 is the suggested ages but it's SOOO good

Please consider!
And E-mail me back if you have any questions....
I am on the fourth book

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