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So, because I feel like ranting about how Jacob stinks, I'll do that. But first, so that I don't get a whole bunch of people yelling at me, I respect peoples' opinions, and you can think whatever you want about Jacob or Edward or whatever. I don't care; this is my rant because I feel like it.

First of all, Edward left because he wanted Bella to have a chance at a normal life. Jacob may have come and saved her and stuff, blah blah blah, but he started ignoring her after a while, and that really scared her. He may have done it to keep Bella safe, but he didn't need to be that hostile about it.
Then, especially in Eclipse, after Edward comes back and Bella makes it pretty clear whom she wants to be with, he continues to try and get her to change her mind, and is always trying to pick a fight with Edward. Edward is very nice and self-sacrificing, and he knows that even if he couldn't live without Bella, then he would give her up without a fight, if that was what she wanted. And he knows that fighting with Jacob would hurt Bella, which is something that Jacob can't grasp.
Plus, when Edward is being nice and letting Bella visit Jacob, he has to be an idiot and say, "I wish you were dead." and kiss her, too. Honestly, I agree with Bella on the fact that that was pretty much an assault, and he's an enormous monster who refuses to respect anyone else's personal space. And he also tricked her into kissing him at the end of Eclipse, which just adds on to the hefty list of bad stuff he did.
At least Edward can be a good sport about Bella seeing Jacob. Unlike Jacob, who has to insult him in every other sentence. Jacob is always being very verbal about how Bella loves him, and honestly needs to get a life. Bella's already chosen, and he needs to suck it up and move on.
Edward was also very fair, sending him an invitation to their wedding and thanking him for keeping Bella alive. He should get credit for that, right? Well, turns out it wasn't that good of an idea because Jacob did come and almost strangled Bella to death.
And then, he had to go and jump to the conclusion that Bella was a vampire after they came back from their honeymoon and plot to kill them all. Woo. Great job. You were going to kill Bella yourself! -gasp- So much for loving her.
Probably the most perverted thing of all, he has to go ahead and fall in love with BELLA'S BABY. It might have been involentary, but it's still sick. It's like he dated her, but then changed his mind and falls in love with her baby, which she had with his mortal enemy. What a screwed up relationship.

So, yeah, I understand that Jacob may have been good sometimes, and Bella was dependent on him, blah blah blah, but Edward is cooler. He's the one that would be better for Bella, because he spends most of his time and energy making her happy. :)

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Comment by Ang3lzz cRyy on June 28, 2009 at 7:50pm
im not gonna yell at you in fact i think ur right!!! im a team edward!!! edward being cool about jacob shows he is a bigger person!!!!

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