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In my story, The Cullens Come To Townsdale High, a young human, Johnny Cotton, fights the emotional roller coaster of his girlfriend's death. If you have read The Cullens Come To Townsdale High, you know Johnny is a highschooler, that he has had a horrible past, but most important, he is a caring person. In the story, I never really said much about Johnny's apperance. He is eighteen, has a boyish face, is cute (although not a Greek god, like Edward), is pure blonde, has blue eyes, and he has the talent of drawing really well. I do love Edward, but as far as humans go, Johnny doesn't seem all that bad. Cute, smart, Edward, only in a human package. I created Johnny to put awesomeness in a package us humans could connect with. So, in conclusion, I was wondering if anyone would want me to create a Team Johnny. So, read my fan fiction and tell me what you think!

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