The Twilight Saga

I woke up this morning crying like every other morning.I can't believe it was just a dream,I thought.Or was it?I grabbed my cell phone and turned it on.I got a new text message from...Cloud....I cant believe it was real.No wonder it was so vivid! the message read,'Hey beautifull.I love you :)'I was about to reply when i heard someone call my name.

"Teardrop...."who was that? I didnt recognize the voice...

"Hello?"I said.


"Where are you?What do you want?"I was running down the hall and I tripped over the first step going downstairs.I fell down the entire flight.When I looked up,I saw the ghosts of my dead mother and father.I gasped,shocked.I just lied there,staring open-mouthed.

'A hero's gonna save me just in time...just in time...'My phone was ringing.I got up and ran back up the stairs to my room.I picked it up.Cloud.


"Baby,are you okay?I saw you fall down the stairs.Who were those ghosts?"

"Yeah im fine.They were my parents..."

"I'm coming over.And I'm bringing Eli.We're gonna get them outta there."

"Ok.See ya in a few."we hung up.Ah,my boyfriend the seeker....


"Please be careful.I dont want to lose you forever."I told Cloud.

'Don't worry,baby.Eli is a pro.And i havent seen anything bad."he reassured me.

"Got 'em." Eli yellled from the kitchen.We ran downstairs from my bedroom and I almost fell down the stairs again.

"Whoa there,baby.Careful.Dont wanna lose you forever,"he said with a wink.

"Ha ha,Cloud.Very funny."

"Thats me," he laughed.I laughed along with him.

"So theyre really gone?" I asked Eli.

"Yep.Dont worry.You shouldnt be haunted anymore.I still cant get used to hearing your girlfriend laugh lil bro," he said,looking at Cloud.

"I love the sound of it almost as much as i love her," Clloud said,kissing my forehead.I smiled.

"I love you,too." I kissed him back.Eli made a gagging sound,pointing at his mouth.

"Jealous." Cloud and I said at the same time.We laughed.

*****OK guys ill write more l8r and post it to another blog.Whacha think? Plz comment :)******

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Comment by Makayla Marie Cole <3 on January 3, 2011 at 8:48am
I didn't come up with the names,a friend of mine did.I'm not good with names.
Comment by margaret olivia faith persinger on August 15, 2010 at 5:11pm
asome i love it iwant moer
Comment by C.D. <3's J.B. on August 3, 2010 at 1:16pm
hahhahahaha I
Comment by Brookie on July 30, 2010 at 6:01pm
y is there names cloud and tear???????????
is the vilians name going 2 b thunder or lightning????????????
Comment by Isabella Marie Swan on July 26, 2010 at 8:09pm
Great, amazing!I WANT MORE!

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