The Twilight Saga

Put you i-pod on shuffle and answer these questions with the song names, no matter how silly it may sound!



1. What would you say about your boyfriend?

I kissed a girl-Katy Perry 

2. Whats The First thing you say in the morning?

Forever & Always- Taylor Swift 

3. Your teacher is...

 Fireflies-Owl City

4. Whats written on your classrooms blackboard?

 Change-Taylor Swift

5. If you ever got a tatoo what would it say?

 Tidal Wave- Owl City

6. How would you describe your next door neighbors?

 New Divide-Linkin Park

7. What would your best friend say about you?

 Dental Care- Owl City

8. How do you feel right now?

 You Belong With Me -Taylor Swift

9. Whats On Your Beside Table Right Now?

 Love Like Woe-The Ready Set

10. What did you do when you woke up this morning?

 Not The One- The Offspring

11. When You Open Your Wardrobe you see..



12. What did you say after you attended your last consert?

 Hey Stephen-Taylor Swift

13. If you had to write a fanfice right now, What would it be called?

Another One Bites The Dust-Queen

14. A song you would sing at you schools talent show?

 I kissed a girl-Katy Perry

15. Whats your life's theme song?

 Gotta Be Somebody- Nickelback

16. How would you discribe what your doing at the moment?

Killboy Powerhead-The Offspring 

17. If you had to jump off a building your last words would be..

 Vanilla Twilight- Owl City

18. Your motto is..

 The Bird and The Worm-Owl City

19. If you could buy anything in the world right now, what would be?

Cave In -Owl City

20. What did you dream about last night?

Riot- Three Days Grace

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