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I just started my new job about 4 weeks a go.I work now as a resort rep, my job basically i meet the guest and market the resort. So a few days a go i was standing in the hotel lobby trying to get the managers attention about a complaint from a guest. So i looked over to the guest that was checking in so i can greet them and escort them to the room.And there he was just staring at me and smiling. I forgot what i was about to say to him and his family. fortunate for me the manager called me in time to collect my senses to remember to what i was saying to them. for the moment i had to stare at him while he asked me how to make dinner reservations, I noticed he had the most gorgeous hypnotic blue eyes that i have ever seen. Then i gathered my things to help them make reservations. The next day i tried to forget all about it and he showed up to ask me to call the hospital cause his brother dislocated a shoulder witch i did help him whit.And went on to tend to my other guest.the third day he turned up out of no where to ask me to help him rent a car witch i tried. the very following day i didn't see him i saw his wife and brothers wife and they were furious cause they couldn't find there husband.Any way the first few day's were bearable until i saw him by his self and we began talking. I started stuttering and forgetting my words,I have never felt any thing like it before. when he asked me where i was from and that i was beautiful i almost fainted. The hardest part of it was looking at him and tiring hard not to think about how it would feel to be in his arms or to feel his lips. Just hearing him talk was like music in my ears. He has the most beautiful smile that makes him glow and every time i see him i have to remember that he is married and probably the same things she sees are what i see in the last day of his vacation he gives me his number so we could keep in touch and i couldn't hold it any more i told him what i taught and felt about him and was happy when he told me he felt the same but none of us could do any thing because he is married and i could not live whit the guilt of breaking up his life. so we just decided to stay friends. Then there was his brother, he was Moore forward than his brother he just came flat out and told me what he taught about me. And he shocked me cause he knew every thing he even came out and told me he taught i was hot and nice a combination you rarely find.And i was speech less again.Any way in the end we made plans that i would stay in contact whit him and his brother but only as friends.And really i almost cried when he said good bye.

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