The Twilight Saga

~My full name is Mia Heaven McCarthy. I'm 21 years old I also go by the nickname SWIZZY~ I'm from Miami and I have a very small family, no siblings. I'm part Italian and part Irish, hence my name and last name. Right now I'm living in New York, I got my own place and live by myself, thanks to the support and help of my parents, though they are divorced we stay close, mostly through the phone since we all live far away from each other now. I consider myself very stubborn and kind-hearted person and though at times I'm shy I can be very out going too. I tend to be highly insecure about my appearance but try to not show it to others. I think of myself as pretty but not overly pretty.I usually wear jeans, classifying myself as a "t-shirt and converse shoes" type of girl, though I do occasionally enjoy dressing up. I love going out, dancing, the beach and music. My hair is long, dark chestnut-colored, my skin is tan, and my small frame and a delicate profile, make of me a small, petite girl. I am shy when it comes to the person I like, I blush easily, which at the same time I find intimidating when others can tell I'm on the spot. I'm currently single but I've been in love, heartbroken and have broken hearts too. I love being in love. I have a great group of friends, and try to surround myself with good energy.
The only thing I will share about the real me is that I am a Latina and my real name is Ana, anything else you want to know about me? Ask and I might tell you...... ~ EDITING ~

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