The Twilight Saga

My hands are going through your hair and down your spine. Our lips are sealed together so not one word of this will be breathed. I lean my bead back. I'm ready. I stare into your eyes that thirst for my blood and try to imagine mine. Wondering if they look scared. "Are you sure?" He whispered into my ear. "Yes". That one word would change my life. You remind me there is no going back. I know that. Your lips press gently against my soft neck. A hesitation occurs for just a moment then your teeth pierce my skin and sink into the flesh. Almost as if they have a mind of their own, searching for a vein. You found it. It hurts like hell as the venom overpowers my body. Taking me over. I do not scream as i know you will not do me any harm. My last memory of being human is vividly etched into my head so i will never forget the pain. It will eat away at my soul untill there is nothing left, that is of course if nothing else gets to it first.

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