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James, Kate and Alyssa Harker were all born to Jeff and Mary Harker in Jacksonville, Florida. They were like any normal family, they spent nights watching tv, went out playing together and of course fought over the tiniest things. James was always the prankster, he loved playing jokes on his sisters and making people laugh. So because of his good looks and laid back attitude he was very popular at school. Kate however was very different. From a young age she was maturer then most in her class and as she wanted to be a doctor she was always studying. Unlike her brother she wasn't popular but it didn't bother her, to her the popular girls were fake and dumb. As the youngest Alyssa was the rebel, she found it difficult to keep up with Kate's grades and was sick of being compared to her. So she eventually gave up and was seen as the under achiever in her family. 

However the whole happy family picture was about too be destroyed. On 2nd June 2004, James and Kate were at a house party while Alyssa was grounded in her room, unable to go to her friend's sleepover. She was laid on her bed watching tv when she heard crashes and loud screaming coming from downstairs. Panicking she headed out into the hallway and glanced down the stairs only to see what she had described that night to her siblings as a really big dog. In fear she ran back into her room, locked the door and hid under her bed. It wasn't until the police knocked the door down 6 hours later that she came out. Taken to the police station Alyssa kept telling the policeman that she saw nothing and had just hid under her bed. 

Taking the money their parent's had left them they brought a small flat, James and Kate getting a small part time job to help with the costs. Their lives had gone downhill and each one had drawn apart from each other, only really talking when they had too. Alyssa finally told her older siblings what she had seen and at first James didn't believe her but Kate could tell she was telling the truth. They did some research and soon enough found a guy who had also ran into Werewolves. George McCoy owned the local gun store and after telling him their story he confirmed the existence of werewolves. They spent a lot of time with George, learning everything they could about werewolves and decided they were going to get revenge. This was when he introduced them to Alice St. John, or Fox as she prefers to be called. She was one of the US's top assassins and had brought weapons off of George many times. For a large sum of money she agreed to help and taught James and Kate how to fight. When they were ready they left Alyssa with George and headed out to kill werewolves. 

A few years later they met Liam Jensen, a nightclub owner in New York and a vampire with a serious hate for werewolves after one killed his fiancee. He wanted in with their group and after some persuading that he could be useful they agreed. Alyssa was soon getting to an age were she could begin to train and so spent a lot of time with Fox, being a natural fighter. As her mother was taken from her at a young age she began to attach herself to Fox as her new mother and has a special bond with the assassin.

Buying an old abandoned warehouse they made it up and it became their headquarters, where James, Kate and Alyssa now lived and George would come along to work on some new weapons for them. They would rarely see Fox, as an Assassin she was usually somewhere else in the world. Liam then brought over a girl, Piper Collins, who was an ICT Technician and pretty good with computers even though she was so young. She had already hacked into the FBI, the White House and so no job was too big for her. After talking to her, Liam decided she would be great to have and so she soon became apart of the group.

So now they had their group made up and the Harker siblings made it their live's mission to destroy every werewolf they came into contact with. They were now closer then ever and are the best hunters around.

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