The Twilight Saga

( this story is held from Bella's point of view)

I was ready. Today Edward was going to teach me how to kill an enemy, I was ready.
My heart raced. I could hear it. We ran, running makes me less nusiated than driving. I swear everytime Edward drives I could puke. Finally we reached the woods. Thats when I smelt somthing. It reminded me of Jacob. I ran, he followed, but the whole time he asked me what was I doing.
It all happend so fast. I triped. Edward hit a tree. Then we looked. There was instead of Jacob a young girl, no older than twelve leaning against a tree muttering barly a wisper,"You can do it, You can do it." I wondered what it was. Her shining curly, brown locks hit her back, as the wind blew. Her skin, tan and dirty was covered by a green wrist covering, hoody and plain levi's.
I smelt something. Something bad. My body shivered as I thought of what could happen to the poor girl. I held my heart from beating as I wisperd the word vampire.
Edward of course smelling it too put one finger to his lips and didn't breath another word. My first intention was to jump out and save the girl, protect her from what was coming. However my sence told me otherwise. Then there was a gush of warm air thrown at Edward and I. We dared to pear at the child struggling as the wilder type of our kind wrestled the girl and ripped off some skin on her right arm. The smell of blood was so drawing, that Edward had to hold me to keep me from pounceing on the victem.
Once I controled my thirst, Edward and I hoping to scare the vampire away jumped out from the trees.
He bit her. He bit her. We were to late.
While Edward chased the vampire, I lifted the child, and cradled her in my arms like a baby,though she was almost as big as me. As I carried her to Esme's, I felt for the soft beating of her heart. Nothing.

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