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Okay, everyone, this is supposed to be kind of confusing, because this is the very beginning, and a lot isn't explained until the next chapter. This is ALL an original idea and I got the idea suddenly one day. I tried writing another story, but had EXTREME writers block with that one, and it seemed too choppy and it didn't really flow. So I gave up with that one. So this is a different one that came to me one day, and it's doing 100 times better than my last failed attempt at writing. Haha. So I'm sorry if you don't enjoy it because it's so confusing, and nothing is really explained, but when I get the next part up, maybe you'll understand it more.

I'm obviously not the best writer in the world, so if you see something that I should add, fix, or take out, just comment it and I'll see what I can do! Thanks!

Bright light was shielded from my heavy lids, I heard the murmur of distant voices, and I felt something stiff under my body; maybe the ground, I wasn’t sure. I tried to speak, move, open my eyes, but it was no use. Nothing was functioning properly. Where was I? What was that smell? But, most importantly, who was I? I could remember nothing, not even my own name. I tried to recall something, anything, about how I ended up where I was; trying to remember anything that would tell me what was happening. Suddenly, it hit me and I felt a deep ache in my heart. I didn’t care who I was, where I was, how I got there. My only concern was if he was okay. All I could remember was his beautiful angelic face, fierce in the moonlight. I could remember the warmth of his hand holding mine, his pulse beating fast and steady. I could remember the smell of woods, sticks and dry leaves breaking beneath our feet, my blood pounding behind my ears like that of a drum, the screeching and snarling of creatures, and the flapping of wings high above our heads. Then, as fast as the memory came on, it was gone once again. The only thing left was a word stuck on the tip of tongue, making my mouth taste foul. The mere thought of the word set my heart racing and my every nerve on end, ready to run; Order. I heard footsteps coming closer to me; one louder, obviously whatever it was had more weight to it, and the other just slightly heard.
“Jay, she still isn’t waking up.” The voice was clear, musical even and very beautiful – even though it was panicked—it was a voice I would know anywhere.
“Give her time, Felicity.” The man, who I assumed, was Jay. I didn’t know this voice. It sounded powerful.
“Jay, it has been three days since… well, since you know what, and she still hasn’t awoken!” Felicity’s musical voice chimed again. It was as if they were keeping something from me. As if they knew I could hear, but didn’t want me to know what they were talking about. Since what happened? I could only listen, and hope that something made sense.
“I know it’s been three days since, but there is nothing we can do right now. We can only wait and see.” Since what? It is like they were trying to keep something from me. A memory came to me, but it came as quickly as a breath. It was unclear, as if I were looking at it through dirtied glass. All that I could see was a woman, me, I supposed, running from something. And like I said, the memory left before I could make out any more details.
“Give her a few more days, and we’ll see what happens. If she isn’t awake in three days, then we’ll get Keenan out here.” It was like I was hurt, the way they were talking. But I didn’t feel any pain at all. Everything felt to be in working condition, except for the fact that I was so tired that I couldn’t move.
“Keenan isn’t going to be happy that we let this wait that long! We need to get him here, now, Jay!”
“What is Keenan going to do if he does come Felicity?! There is nothing he, nor we, can do for her! Either her body will be strong enough to fight back, or she’ll die! She knew the risks when she ran off with him!” None of this was making any sense. Keenan… I couldn’t even remember who that was. And who was he; the person that Jay obviously had distaste for?
“Don’t you dare blame this on Ivan!” Ivan; the name itself sped my heart up, and warmth spread into every nerve in my body. But… where was he?
“Then who is there to blame this on, Felicity?!”
“How about you try blaming it on yourself, Jay Uppington! You’re the one that-“
“Felicity, don’t you dare blame this on me! Ivan’s the one that told her those lies about The Saviors. He’s the one that got her to believe them!”
“I know… I’m sorry Jay. This is just really hard on me. And I don’t know what I’m going to tell her when she wakes up.” By now, I could now slightly open my eyes. I could see the light shining through the trees above me, and two faces looking at each other over my body. One was beautiful, with long, copper colored hair in ringlets, and pale skin. Her eyes were almond shaped, and bright, forest green. The other face was that of a man I still didn’t recognize, and I guessed he was Jay. I tried, for the ump-teenth time, to talk, and this time I managed.
“Fee?” I croaked out. My voice was raspy, but at least it got what I needed. Both of them turned quickly to look at me. Jay, surprised, and Felicity looking – shocked; it was hard to tell.
“Aislinn? Can you hear me?” Felicity asked in her musical voice.
“Yes.” My voice was sounding stronger, more sure of itself now, so I tried more. “Fee, I’m scared. I can’t remember anything. Where am I?”
“Ash, it’s okay. I know it’s going to be hard for you to remember things for awhile.”
“You still didn’t answer my most important question; where am I?” I was starting to feel rather irritated, but getting stronger still. I could manage to sit up now. Fee was there to help me, and made sure that I was stable enough to sit up. I leaned my head against her shoulder, getting a sudden headrush. She was stroking my arm and trying to comfort me.
“Aislinn, I think it would be easier for you if you were well rested before we started telling you that.” Jay said to me. I looked at him, and we locked eyes. Something jolted in my mind; evil. His eyes were dark, almost black, but in his irises were a couple crimson flecks so small that only the best eyesight could detect them. Another memory came rushing to me, this time it was powerful and sent me gasping for breath.
“The spies for The Order were good at disguising themselves, and oftentimes could hide in the midst of even the most knowing. But there was one thing that set them apart, and occasionally the spies would forget to hide it. In their irises you could see flecks of crimson. But it wasn’t often that they forgot to disguise that. No one knows for certain where they come from. Some say from evil and darkness itself. The Order found them, and they have them around for a job, and one job only; to capture The Saviors and bring them to them.
“The Saviors? What are those?
“Well, I’m not supposed to tell you, but you should know.”
But then the memory stopped, and I was clutching the grass beneath my fingers, trying to catch my breath. Jay was a spy for The Order. I could see it in his eyes. Something flashed on his face for a moment –recognition, maybe? – But as quickly as it came, it was gone again.
“Aislinn? Aislinn, what’s wrong?” Fee said, panicked. Then a thought sounded in my head, my mind unconsciously protecting me: lie to her.
“Nothing, just dizzy I think.” I said, trying to sound nonchalant about it.
“Well then let’s get you some rest. Let me help you up.” Fee grabbed around my waist, and helped lift me off the ground. I noticed that Jay didn’t help her with me. He stayed sitting on the ground, and watched us walk away. Every nerve in my body told me to not turn my back on him, but it didn’t seem as if Felicity knew he was evil, and I shouldn’t drag attention to myself. The Order’s spies were dangerous and powerful, and letting him know that I knew what he was, was not a smart move. So I stayed quiet.
I was too absorbed in my thoughts that I didn’t even notice where I was. I had been lying on grass, and now Fee and I were walking towards a tent. I looked around and noticed that we were surrounded my dense woods, with nothing in sight besides the small tent, a campfire, and the three people: the spy, Felicity, and myself. Run while you can, my mind told me. But where could I run? There was nothing around, and even worse, I didn’t know where I was. We were nearing the tent, and it seemed to be made out of a leathery type of material, with a waxy substance over the top to keep it waterproof. When we got in the tent, I had to ask Felicity, “Where’s Ivan?”
“I thought that you couldn’t remember anything?” She asked skeptically.
“I can’t remember much, but some things are slowly coming back to me. He hasn’t left my mind once. Where is he?”
“He’s with us: me, you, and Jay. He went to look for a way out of the woods. He left a couple days ago, two to be exact, and told us he’d be back in three days, so he should be back by tomorrow.” I breathed a sigh of relief, and lay down on some blankets inside the tent. My lids felt heavy, and I was on the edge of sleep. Fee covered me in some blankets, and told me that she’d explain everything tomorrow. Then she left the tent, and I let sleep drag me under with the thought of seeing Ivan on my mind the whole time.

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