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The Buzz from Paramore's official website, 6-15-09

in case you didn’t know. we have a new record coming out in september.

it feels like it doesn’t even exist! we have all these new songs that we love… and we’re so proud of. yet they’re on the back burner for now. i guess they have to be. i mean, it’s not like we don’t love playing our “old” songs, anyway. with the exception of a few that we might get bored with. for instance, “here we go again”. actually now that we’ve left it out of the set, i miss it…. figures.

the internet at this hotel is such a joke. nice hotels almost always have terrible internet connection…. the best part is that you end up paying for it. it usually costs somewhere around $15-20 to get connected for 1 day. you spend 3/4 of your day with your nose to the screen and clicking around trying to figure it out. waiting for to load and wondering why you can’t see any of your buddies in your buddy list. never works! i’d rather stay in a regular ol’ hotel - no perks or pretty curtains - and chat with my friends, maybe check my email… at night while i’m curled up in a modestly styled… regular ol’ bed. oh well. i shouldn’t complain, i got a place to stay and i finally took a real shower.

oh look, my internet just went out. maybe it’ll come back on long enough for me to post this

last night’s show was insane. 25,000 people.
well done, jersey/philly!
we enjoyed a cheesesteak or two. saw a lot of good friends. made some new ones.
it was probably one of my favorite nights on the tour so far. everyone was having a great time. it’s crazy to think we’re only about a month into it. we still have nearly 2 months to go! what a way to spend our summer. touring with one of the biggest bands of our generation. i think if there’s any 4 people we can truly look up to in this business and as people who did it all right. it’s no doubt. awesome people with so much talent. i’m really stoked that we’ve met them..

alright guys, it’s a day off in pittsburgh. i’m going to stop tooling around the internet and go do something. not sure what, yet. i’m sure i’ll twitter it when i figure it out. ahahaha.

love you guys! (and thanks for coming out to the shows)
hayley of todayley

ps. oh yes, and Happy Birthday to RIOT! 2 years

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