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(Note: this probably isn't how our dear Mrs. Meyer would've written a story through Edward's point of view. It's just that when I read about Edward, it seems like its through my mind. And I read most of Midnight Sun, and its perfect to my mind. But, as a person whose personality is identical to Edward's and his looks as well, my thoughts are probably like his too. Plus, I'm bored. Enjoy :D)

This is how we function: feed on animals, walk through the days of school alone - our only company with each other.

This is how life goes: Boring and utterly monotonous. I know these people more than they know themselves. Every thought they think, I hear it. Eventually, when all these kids are thinking trash about the people around them, I get an enjoyment out of it. Sometimes, even though my kind kills people as food and drink their blood, these humans start to appear more dangerous and vicious than we are. I find a little funny, but sad as well.

This is why I feel numb - some kind of emptiness I can never, ever escape.

The misery of waiting, waiting for my never coming fate to come. The fate that I could only bring until my self. These humans, they complain about being depressed, lonely. I know it because I hear it in their thoughts. I feel the sense of loneliness in their hearts through the muttering that occur in the hallways. Honestly, it should affect me. But, I've been frozen in stone for so utterly long, something that's become a hell of a lot like eternity - which is most certainly is - I've found these thoughts and emotions. It's funny how many teenagers are miserable. You wanna know what's ever funnier than that? How a vampyre, someone with so-called 'eternal youth' - the same thing the Spanish hunted for - is more miserable than these little humans.

I find it kind of funny. I find it a little sad.

"Edward? Are you okay?" Alice said to me. She was so perky all the time. Ever since Jasper came along, she became even happier, more joyful. How is that possible? But, her joy has the kind of radiance that rubs off on other people. She's become a disease, a disease that makes you heal. I hear her thoughts, then.

You're escaping from us again, like we're invisble.

"Alice, I'm okay. Just a little, you know," I sighed heavily, hating to admit my emotions to my little sister whom probably saw how I felt through an image of me having another night sitting on the couch in my room, my hands in my hair. "Just a little miserable."

She did the best thing possible. She did not speak for that would not affect me. She did not smile and make a joke. That would be useless. All she did was put her hand on my arm. Jasper must've seen my expression for he looked over at me and nodded. Most people don't understand pain, but Jasper did. Oh, Jasper understood pain and agony best of all the others of my siblings. Rosalie, she was angry. Emmett, he made you laugh - no fear or sadness ever coming over us. Alice, she could empathize like no other person I had ever met. But, Jasper, he related to me above them all.

"Thank you, Jazz and Alice. Now, go back to eating because people are beginning to star at us."

"What are they thinking?" She asked, amusement in her voice. Jasper's eyes were wary. I knew why she did this. It was obvious, and it made me relax. I felt the muscles in me relax greatly. Jasper's did the same. He was closer to me as a sibling than anyone else but Alice.

"The guys are thinking things like 'What a freak' or 'weirdo'."

And the girls? Jasper asked, a smirk on his face.

"Oh, you're getting a kick out of this aren't you?" I asked, the humour coming back into my voice. My smirk crawled onto my expression as well. "The girls are saying in awe things like 'he's even more gorgeous when he's sad, like a little puppy' and 'oh my god'."

"Like they always do." Jasper said, releasing a small laugh. Alice repeated her lover. I did but louder, finding it oddly and sickly hilarious. The feeling of temporary satisfaction approached me once again, and I enjoyed it -making last as long as possible. We returned to our classes then, getting away from the huge crowds of people around us.

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Comment by t on November 16, 2009 at 4:43pm
... *speechless* i wish i could write like that *cries*
Comment by ALLY on April 20, 2009 at 6:51pm
Comment by Isella on April 16, 2009 at 9:22pm
you'r a realy good writer...and very talented...
you should write more....or something diferent, of your own inspiration...
keep writing....
you'r great!!.
Comment by on April 12, 2009 at 9:34am
i really like u'r writing..
is pretty good..
are u going to write more?
Comment by twerd4life on April 8, 2009 at 6:41pm
this is cool. you are a good writer. are you planning on continuing? let me know if and when you do. i'd like to read more =)

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