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Ok these are there Characters of my new book Sunset

Vannessa: main Character, she is different from edward in alot of ways, but they are alike, she is 17
Magey: mom figure, she is excatly like Esme, she is 26
Matthew: Dad figure, he is not a docter like Charlisle, he is 25
Kyle and Shane: brother Figures, they are actual brothers to, there twins, they are 19
Alex and Tiffany: Sister figuers, they are not actual sister like shane and kyle, and they are 18, Tiffany is not like rosalie ( they dont look or act the same), but she is pretty, and Alex can be Alice's clone, the only difference is that she long blond hair
It will also include the Cullens
and im sorry, this is the only thing i could think of but..........
im sooooo sorry for all those ppl out there who think im wrong fo doing
that to bella, and i want to say, i love bella and edward to gether, but this is the only story that came to my mind
So im sorry again, and i want you to know that i love twilight just the way it is.
Ok, i got that out there, so i hope you will read the first to chapters i'll put on here when im done

By: Devionna, the Twihard

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