The Twilight Saga

bella:jacob explane

jacob:i know you are very mad but you know i love her

bella:you are right about i know you love her but you are rong about one thing i am ferious

jacob:so you are ok?

bella:ya a little but the weding you know she is only six

jacob:but she thinks like a adult

bella:ok i am ok with this i am not shere about edward


edward:i am ok i know he loves her and they will be married in one week.

bella:what when how was it renesma who said that?

edwared:yes both her and jacob so we better get back to congragulate your doughter

bella:ok cach up

edwared:ok i will (pause) if you hurt my ...........

jacob: i know come on before nesse and bella get suspisois

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Comment by Bianca Amanda Doutly on October 4, 2010 at 4:16pm
Kool. Will you write some more?

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