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Forks Wasshington - 7 : 30 ( Forest)


Edward:( moaning) Give me everything I desire....

Samantha:( groaned unhappilly) No..I don't wan to...Edward. I can't. Now, would you help me, get out of here?( -standing in her feet, trying to brake off from the shrubs)


Edward:( smiled and helped her out)

Samantha: ( smiled and pulled away her hand)


Edward: ( smile faded and a mad expression upon his face) 


- Carlisle and Esme next to Edward-

Carlisle: ( grimaced) what happened?

Edward: Nothing ... I...ummm..I gotta go.(* looked at his mother and nodded and left*)


Esme: ( * watched as Edward left and then looked at Samantha*) Sam?

Samantha: yes?

Esme: What did you did to him??(* hissed meanancingly-mad expression*)

Samantha: Nothing. I didn't do anything to him.

Esme: Then, why is he in bad mood? I suppose theis a theoratical explanation.

Samantha: ( glared and shook her head) Umm.. I talk later..Bye,Esme. (* started walking and passed Carlisle*)

Carlisle: She's a beauty, isn't she?

Esme: Don't persuade her. (* glared and smiled mockingly. Let's go find the others.

Carlisle: (* coughed a laugh and nodded, grabbing Esme's hand*)

- 2 minutes later

Cullen's house(* Edward's room)

Edward: (* thinking*) her completion is what summons me.. Bit enough is The Violet Hour and I can't even conquist her heart. Alice was right. She doesn't deserve to be love conditionally. But .....But I love her so much..(* Samantha's face came into view)

Edward: (shuddered the thought away and smiled and breathed with the desire to have Samantha in his arms and kiss her and make love with her)( sighed happilly)


-Samantha picking from the tree, watching Edward through the window - The Violet Hour_

Samantha:(* Thinking)  I do love you, too , Edward Mason Anthoney Cullen.....(* smiled)



                       - To be continued.

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