The Twilight Saga

The Darkness Within - Chapter 3 - Can It Be Him?

I looked at his face in amazment. "Can it be him?" I kept saying to myself. Everyone said he was dead... but they didnt have a body. so it could be true. He just left out of the blue and never came back til now. "if its really you whydidn't you ever come back? why didnt you tell me what happened?" i said. "there was no possible way. I would have killed you in a heart beat." "I still love you but there was no way i could have seen you." "but Jahuel... you said u loved and then you just disappeared into thin air without telling me. you dont even know if im over you yet and then you do this to me?!" "Im not even out of high school yet and what am i goin to tell my parents?!" "how could you be so thoughtless you're a selfish man and im not sure if i love you or not?" i felt something drop down y face from my eyes but it was to thick for tears. I wipe my face and their blood tears. "look at this!!! I cant even cry real tears!!!" "Violet im sorry i know how you feel i didnt have a choice either but youll forgive me eventually. you have forever my love." "I'm not your love!" i screamed and ran.


Marissa- im not sure i want to continue this story im not sure if im liking it. Comment if you think i should keep writing =)

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