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Nothing really happens in my house. I like it that way; even though theres nothing to do for like 24 hours. After a wile you learn to get used to it.We didnt explor town(Forks) much, we didn't live in town technacly. Our house is in the forest, which is good,its one of the places where we don't have to hide. Its good for hunting, as you would put it but still nothing comes around much.
So then comes school. I usally hang out with Emmet Edward Alice and Jasper (Hes supposed to be my twin or something like that) So at lunch Edward comes to sit with us and is like did you see the new girl? He said it in a way like he already hated her. I know i said in my brain(He can read minds) (No duh)) shes like this new toy and its like first grade all over again. I just continued my cerrade (Eating) After lunch I got up and im glad that this new girls here when i first got here every one stared at me. Almost every boy had a crush on me. So the kid who still likes me comes up to me and says Rosalie Love the Jacket i looked down. I think his name is Ryan, Ryan something Hes this weird nerdy wanna-be gothic, skater boy, bad boy, jock Kid.That somehow is trying to impress me.
I was about to drive home when Edward comes down to the rest of us AHH I CAN'T STAND HER edward says whats wrong
nothing shes so so different i cant read her mind she smells like sooo addicting and shes not afraid of me
i just wondered does she have something i don't
whatever or whoever she is I just don't like her

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Comment by ninagirllolrox on May 2, 2009 at 10:37am
yea um sure do you know me in real life cause i do this a lot
Comment by Vampire Witch on April 28, 2009 at 9:02pm
too fast. slow down. the words are all jumbled up. take it slow and proof read what you write. it will help. it hard to find out who saying what and who thinking what. and who twin are you supposed to be?

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